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We’re writers, ex-agency owners, and leaders. We’ve been doing content marketing before it was even called that. We're our best customers... and our worst critics.

This is what drives Interact Media to develop and support the highest quality, and most efficient, software products to make content marketing simple, affordable and profitable.

Agency Origins

Interact Media was founded in 2007, with original plans to become a content marketing agency. We looked at the various content development and project management systems, and were amazed that there wasn’t a private-labeled, out-of-the-box solution to manage content from start to finish.

That’s when we decided to build our own solution, inspired by our precise needs. An end-to-end solution to find and hire writers, manage full content projects, and publish posts to preferred platforms. Zerys was born.

The Complete Solution

Zerys Content Marketplace has more than 20,000 writers available for hire, 5,000 end users, 600 marketing agency users, and another 1,000 agency clients that are being managed by agencies in our network. These numbers grow each week.

Zerys for Agencies, our private-labeled agency portal, is built on our decades of combined experience, planning content strategies, hiring and managing writers, and delivering quality content in the most efficient way possible.

We also manage YoExpert, a professional question and answer portal for our freelance writer network to build their portfolios and connect with clients.

Writing a New Future

Our goal is to become the largest and most widely used content marketplace platform in the world. We have the ability for writers to sign up in 33 countries, and users can choose to order content from writers in specific countries that speak specific languages.

We have partnerships with HubSpot, WordPress and many more to come, to make our products and services easily accessible to users through convenient applications.

We love discovering new ways to make content marketing easier, and to transform lives, businesses and the marketing industry at-large.