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5 Steps To A Successful Article Marketing Campaign


It is estimated that on any given day, nearly 25 percent of the world’s population is using the Internet. This is particularly exciting for anyone doing business in cyberspace. With nearly as many businesses as customers how do you distinguish yourself in the proverbial marketplace of ideas— let alone compete?

We know that simply having a product and company logo doesn't guarantee that people will find you. The daunting task of winning customers remains the same for any business regardless of the enormous potential for foot traffic the Internet provides.

So how do you move your customers through the sales cycle from browsing, piquing interest, purchasing, and finally, returning as “satisfied” customers when many are bombarded with sales messaging all day long?

One simple way to keep customers coming back to your online business is for your website to become a resource by providing content using an article marketing campaign.

People Love to Read and Your Customers are People Too

What is an article marketing campaign? Well, let me ask a question. Who would you rather purchase a product from? Someone who is willing to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to install the lighting fixture you just purchased from their store, or someone who simply sells you a lighting fixture and sends you on your way?

The answer is the exact opposite of what most online businesses do. Browsing their website is the equivalent of watching a late night infomercial where your favorite TV show used to be. The real reason 1.5 billion people use the Internet everyday is to get information and connect with others.

So What is Article Content Marketing and Why Does it Work?

Five years ago, had you told the average book lover that e-books would overtake traditional books, you would have been laughed at. But no one's laughing anymore. Well, with one or two exceptions, top Indie Authors and Amazon, maker of the Kindle-- but they're simply laughing all the way to the bank!

Anyone seeking to have a successful online business must borrow a page from this short history lesson in e-commerce. Despite the plethora of information available to users on the Internet, it's both comforting and encouraging to know that interesting content is still king.

People love to read good article content and your customers are people too. Not only do they love to read, they love to be well-informed about everything, which should include your products and services. But how do you make that happen?

  • Give them something interesting to read.
  • Empower them with education through your website.
  • Give them permission to become articulate about your services and they will promote your products.

It really is that simple. Article content marketing allows people to find you through keywords on Search Engines like Google or Bing. An article marketing campaign works because customers are led to your website for its content, not the products or services you sell.

What an article marketing campaign does so well is allow potential customers to browse your website minus the “pressure” to have to purchase. It also affords existing customers a safe and trusted place to shop online, leave feedback, or refer their friends because of the rich experience when visiting.

5 Steps to a Successful Article Marketing Campaign

But how do you navigate your way through the endless stream of article marketing strategies? Some of the top marketing resource sites like copyblogger and briansolis offer excellent training. These authority sites are two of many that provide unique insights into how to win customers to your website, and ultimately in front of your products or services.  Check them out.

There are 5 steps you can take right now to begin driving business to your website by launching an article marketing campaign:

  1. Create content that tells interesting and engaging stories about your products or services (remember customer's are readers too).
  2. Once you create great article content, link your articles to niche websites or blogs for greater SEO rankings and visibility.
  3. Take advantage of social media and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Squidoo, Digg and Stumbleupon.
  4. Experiment with text-based versus video-based content on your website or post photos. The whole idea is to capture their attention, then keep them begging to come back.
  5. Think bookstore rather than library. Become a trusted resource for your customers.

There are other ways to launch successful article marketing campaigns. Only five steps are necessary to begin your ascent to online sales nirvana.


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