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Get Inspiration From These Article Marketing Success Stories


There is a lot of talk about article marketing and how it can benefit businesses.  But are there any success stories out there?  Are there any tangible tales of how a company was able to leverage article marketing to actually generate business, improve reputation, increase web traffic, or any other metrics for a successful campaign?

Good question!  The answer is, of course, yes.

One slightly dated but memorable success story (and a story that might surprise you) is Blair Witch.  Remember this cinematic gem?  This horror movie was a low budget release that became a big hit.  One of the secrets behind this movie’s unexpected success was article marketing. 

Before and during the movie release, the Blair Witch producers made up a titillating tale of how three young film makers mysteriously died during the making of the movie, and then years later the footage was found and released as Blair Witch.  The producers then passed this article story to horror movie groups as well as supernatural hobby groups.  From that point forward, Blair Witch developed quite the cult horror movie following.

Another interesting article marketing success story is about Gizmodo.  This gadget website was not highly recognized--that is, until an article was “leaked” about how Gizmodo “found” an unreleased iPhone 4G at a bar in April 2010.  The article went viral to say the least, and Gizmodo became a highly popular tech site name overnight. 

The incident was not without a downside, however.  Apple was not pleased at all with the article, and threatened to sue Gizmodo if the device was not returned.  In the end, however, both Apple and Gizmodo had good success with the iPhone addict community. has become a defacto standard for business travelers.  Through its innovation with mobile web applications and customized updates or weather alerts for users, there is no surprise that the website has the highest reported percentage of C-levelexecutive visitors.  What this means to advertisers on this site is if they want the attention of a CEO, CIO, or any other CxO, put an ad on

A somewhat controversial article marketing strategy was the Million Dollar Homepage by Alex Tew.  While brainstorming on how to come up with money for college, Alex created a website and sold pixel space.  Through a paid press release article promotion, Alex was able to acquire more than enough money for college.  While the novelty has worn off on this particular approach, it does prove that by leveraging some creativity and taking different article marketing approaches, success is available to those who wish to find it.

Article marketing can take on many forms.  From blogs, to press releases, to online magazine articles or industry specific forums – businesses and individuals can benefit from this particular marketing approach, with a little innovation and a few good writers.


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