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Interact Media's Business Blog Writing Service

Blogs have undoubtedly become a critical foundation for any successful online marketing effort. When it comes to demonstrating your authority, attracting natural links, and driving free traffic to your site - nothing beats a well-written blog.

Our unique business blog writing service lets you gain access to all the powerful benefits that come with running a blog on your site, without all the time and expense that normally goes into writing content, finding and hiring writers, and managing the process.

Top 10 Business Blog Writing Benefits:

  1. Builds Trust With Your Visitors
  2. Establishes Your Business As An Authority On Your Topic Or Industry
  3. Allows Your Visitors To Provide Feedback - Opens Up A Line Of Communication
  4. Increases The Stickiness Of Your Site (People Stay On Your Site Longer)
  5. Increases The Number Of Repeat Visitors (Gives People A Reason To Come Back To Your Site)
  6. Public Comments Offer Excellent Source Of Free, User-Generated Content
  7. Keeps Your Site Up-To-Date With Fresh, Interesting Content
  8. Potential To Generate Leads
  9. Entices Other Sites To Link To Yours
  10. Increased Search Engine Traffic

2-Way Conversation
Think of business blogs as conversations between you and your target market. You share your expertise, answer questions, and offer solutions. Your audience listens, asks questions, and provides feedback.

What Do The Most Powerful and Effective Business Blogs Have In Common?

•    They tap into a specific audience and stay on-topic

•    They have catchy, interesting, and engaging titles

•    They offer interesting, unique content

•    They exhibit passion in every post

•    They don't sell anything (builds trust and credibility)

•    They contain clear and concise content - no fluff

•    They're updated on a regular basis

•    They're easy to read - short paragraphs,  bullets, sub-titles

•    They're interactive - when readers leave comments, you respond

•    They're search engine optimized around specific keywords

What Does Google Say?

Matt Cutts, Senior Engineer at Google, explains why creating a blog is a crucial part of your site's online marketing strategy.


Top Challenges With Running a Blog

   1. No Time. Not everyone has the time to manage a successful blog. If you enjoy writing, and have the time to do it yourself, blogging can be a rewarding experience. Most site owners, however, are focused on running their business and don't have time to devote towards writing each day.

   2. Too Expensive. Once you decide to outsource your blog writing, what are your options? Agencies can work great but are too expensive for the average business. Some freelancers are cheap, but quality and project management can take more time than it's worth.


Get the Highest Quality - at the Lowest Prices!

With Our Business Blog Writing Service, You Can Run Your Business - We'll Handle Your Blog! 

To get a top quality blog, you don't need to spend hours a day writing - you dont need to hire a full time writer in house - and you don't need to waste time looking for the right freelancer. With Interact Media's business blog writing service, you can focus on running your business while we focus on running a first class blog for you.

We'll find the perfect writer in our network with expert level knowledge of your industry. After we listen and get to know exactly what you want, we'll develop some sample titles and sample blog posts to make sure we're on the right track. Once we get it right, we'll develop however many posts you need, at whatever schedule you need to keep your site up-to-date with fresh posts each day, each week, or each month.

The best part is, you can add more keywords/topics/titles to your project at any time. As soon as you submit them, they will be assigned to your writer(s) who will immediately begin writing them for your review.

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