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Get More From Your SEO Press Release


I don’t write too many press releases, but I have to say, it’s cool to see the kind of exposure they can give you across a wide variety of online outlets.  Take our newest release here at Interact Media—it has 11,000 impressions in 5 days!  I don’t know how that compares to others, but it sounds good to me.

As a content vehicle, a press release can help supercharge your marketing efforts by giving you exposure, creating backlinks and just getting the word out about your company—what it does, new product offerings, hirings, and any other notable news.  If you want to take advantage of the power of an SEO press release for your business, there are some ways that you can get the most out of it (hint—think like a journalist): 

1. Hook readers with your headline- And make sure it’s optimized for your main keyword.  Clear, compelling, optimized headlines make the best impression with both readers and search engines.

2. Just the facts, ma’am- Get to the point in your first paragraph.  Journalists are trained to answer the who, what, why, where and how in the first few sentences.  Do the same thing in your press release.  This information should summarize your SEO press release concisely so that readers get the idea right off the bat.

3. Back off on the links- Use as many links as your PR service will allow, but don’t cram your SEO press release with too many links or readers will get turned off.  Only the most relevant links, such as to your home page, blog or other important resource should be included.

Note:  If you can do it, make some of your links anchor text links.  Use your primary and secondary keywords for these links in order to better optimize your press release.

4. Don’t be afraid to not be boring- While you’re probably better off sticking to the traditional SEO press release format, that doesn’t mean that your release has to be dry and boring.  There is no rule that I know of that says you can’t add some life to your story.   Which leads us to…

5. Ditch the buzzwords- Corporate lingo ends up making people feel left out of the party.  Not only that, they’re boring!  Replace the buzzwords and phrases with clear, easy-to-read text that uses good descriptive terms, and makes people want to read more.  Remember, an SEO press release is no different from any other piece of content for marketing purposes—it needs to make people see what’s in it for them.  Why should they read this thing?  Why should they care?

6. Get more from your quotes- Quotes are a great addition to any SEO press release, so make them count.  Make sure they add to the story instead of just sounding like a sales pitch from the company president.  Do you have customer testimonials?  A good recommendation from a colleague?  Use them here.

7. Include contact information- Make it easy for people to reach you, by including a contact name, address, phone number and email address. 

A well-written SEO press release will work for you only if you write it for maximum visibility to both humans and search engines.  So choose your keywords well, and follow these tips to get the most out of your release.


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