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10 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Not Working For You


Also known as, "well there's your problem!"

Sometimes it’s helpful to approach a topic from another angle.  Sometimes, you can more easily see where everything went wrong if someone takes the end result and goes backward to the beginning.  This, I imagine, is where the concept of “starting out on the wrong foot” came from.

Before you say to us that content marketing is not working for you, let’s explore the many possible reasons why this might be so.

1. You have no strategy.   I hate to sound like a broken record, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet.  No strategy, no chance.

2. You’re interrupting.  Yes, it’s rude in marketing, too.  If your content is pushy and salesy—even a little—you are guilty.  Content marketing is not interruptive.

3. You’re misleading.  Does your headline match your content?  Do you promise to deliver one thing then offer another?  Luring readers in with the promise of something useful then offering them nothing is a waste of their time, and they won’t forget it.

4. You’re not making an effort.  People can sense this.  When we say that you should repurpose content, for example, that doesn’t mean that it’s ok to slap a new title on a previously posted piece and call it a day.  You’re not offering anything new.  Not making the effort.

5. You are not clear.  What the heck do you want people to do?  If your calls to action are not clear, then people are not likely to follow through to the sale.  You may not even get an email address out of them.

6. You are not interested in a relationship.  Believe it or not, this is really what your customers want.  No, they are not being needy.  They just want to know that you’re credible, that you know what you’re talking about and they can rely on you as the source for what they need now and in the future.  If your content doesn’t demonstrate this then how will they know?

7. You’re deceptive.  Maybe not intentionally, but when you ask for something from readers (such as an email address), without giving them anything of value in return (such as an authoritative ebook, white paper or newsletter), then that’s how you look.

8. You are delegating to the wrong people.  This goes back to strategy.  Your content marketing strategy should include direction for who does what.  For example, your marketing department may not be the best choice for writing your marketing content.  This is somewhat ironic but true.  Unless someone in your marketing department has experience writing SEO marketing content, the job should be left to the pros.

9. It’s all about you.  Nothing is more boring than self-serving content.  And worse, it’s not helpful to consumers.  It won’t get you anywhere, so it’s best if your content starts serving your customers’ needs rather than your own.

10. You’re all over the place.  Content marketing is targeted almost by definition.  If you aren’t reaching your target market, then your efforts are largely wasted.  Find out where your potential market hangs out online and go there.

Why isn’t content marketing working for you?  Maybe because you think that what you’re doing is content marketing, but it really isn’t!  Stop worrying about stats and sales pitches and start putting your effort into engagement.  Provide value.  The rest will come naturally.

It’s a good way to get started on the right foot with customers.


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Posted @ Wednesday, March 02, 2011 4:38 AM by Timeshare