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Content Marketing Is Not For The Impatient


Do you love instant results?  Sure, we all do!  When we tweet someone, we want an answer back within seconds.  When we post a blog, we want those comments to come rolling in within the hour.  What happens if they don’t?  Waaah!  No one is reading my stuff!  Nobody cares!

This is no exaggeration.  Even marketers prefer instant gratification over having to wait for results.  Impatience, and the need to quickly justify the expenditures involved with marketing content online, may be the biggest reasons for resistance to content marketing among traditional marketers and decision-makers within companies.

It doesn’t help that there is a great deal of misunderstanding about what exactly content marketing is, and what it is not.  If someone were to tell you that you could ditch your expensive ad campaigns and just start writing useful content for your customers, would you do it?  I bet you would give it a shot.  Writing content—how hard could it be?  I mean, all I have to do is write good content and people will start flocking to my site, right?

Well, they just might.  If you are patient, stick with it and use your content to build relationships instead of to sell. 

Ugh!  That sounds like it will take time!  Build relationships?  Are you kidding?

I understand your fear.  Building relationships sounds like something you might do in a sensitivity training class.  What does it have to do with marketing, in this day and age of fickle consumers with short attention spans?

The answer lies here--content marketing is the best way to authenticate your business with potential buyers.  What does this mean?  Creating and distributing optimized, authoritative content on a regular basis over time is the only truly authentic way to make people see that you are the best source for what they need.  It is a marketing strategy that shows consumers your willingness to engage with them, to put forth the effort week after week to build a relationship.

Consumer ADD nonwithstanding, content marketing is still the best long-term strategy for building a customer base.  Is it as easy as it seems?  No.  Is it free?  No.  Does it take time?  Yes, it does—and a lot of it.  Does it produce instant results?  For the most part, no.

Choosing content marketing is kind of like choosing the more difficult road, the more difficult relationship, the unknown path.  It gets you where you’re going in the end but it takes longer and you might encounter more obstacles.  However, as you become more familiar with it, the road becomes easier and more rewarding as you go along.  You learn more about your business and your customers than you ever would by taking the smooth and straight path (spam marketers, beware).

Is content marketing for the faint of heart, the impatient, the commitment-phobic?  No.  It takes at least six months to start seeing results and even when you do, you can’t rest on your success.  It is a constant effort that may require help from sources both inside and outside your company.  But, the pay off is waiting for you.

And, with Google now starting to foreclose on content farms, all you content marketers will find that much of the spammy content that used to get in your way and prevent you from ranking is being ignored by the search engines.  This effort will continue to be refined in the next few months and years, making it even more rewarding to post quality content.

Yes, it’s time to stop crying about how much time and effort it takes to build your business with content marketing, and start putting all that emotional energy into developing a content marketing strategy.  You know, there’s nothing like a site stuffed full of great content and customer email addresses to dry your tears.


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