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Are You A Content Hoarder?


content marketing 

If you watch TV at all, by now you are probably aware that hoarding is apparently a problem in this country.  Hoarders are people who have physiological issues that manifest themselves in the relentless and uncontrollable need to collect material goods and never get rid of them.  Things just keep piling up over the years until their homes become filled from floor to ceiling with stuff.

Many are in denial about their problem.  Much like site owners who let their content pile up and refuse to let it go.  You know, share it with the public.  

Does this sound familiar?  There you are, a savvy consumer looking for information.  You find a site that looks good and yes, it hooks you into believing that this is where you’ll finally find the answers you’ve been looking for.  The quest has come to an end.  It is, in essence, the Holy Grail of sites—that which you have been seeking.

But wait—at the end of the two awesome paragraphs that are describing the awesome article you need to read to get your information, the delicious carrot that is dangling in front of you—what do you see?

“Become a part of the first end user focused e-business process development network!  To join simply register to gain access to all content available!”

Or some such nonsense.  This kind of information hoarding brings to mind a post I wrote about the topic a while back.  Back then, I questioned whether companies should guard their secrets from the public or freely offer information.  Now, I wonder why they don’t get the fact that people searching the Web will find out what they need to know one way or another.  If they don’t cough up the info, people will turn elsewhere to get it. 

I have had this experience many times while researching my topics.  When you write a lot of content, eventually you will come face-to-face with the dreaded information hoarders.  Those who know they have what you want and take pleasure in withholding it.  Grrr!

Information really is what people want.  Withholding it only makes readers think negatively about you and your business.  I understand.  You really, really want them to register.  You want them on your radar.  Is not this why you wrote those two fabulous, delicious paragraphs that led to nowhere?

It’s a shame that you got off to such a good start only to drop the ball.  Those lead-in paragraphs illustrate beautifully why content marketing works.  You got me!  I’m hooked!  I want more!  The point is that you need to follow through.  Publish the darn article so that people don’t have to jump through hoops to get the information they need.  Trust me, if you do, they will be back.

There are instances when asking for a registration is practical.  A scholarly report, or perhaps a white paper that you paid a lot of money to produce.  Proprietary information not available to the public.  Certainly you should use good judgment about what kind of content should be playing “hard to get” with consumers and interested parties.  But, in general, it benefits you to share your informative articles.

Your content should not be a liability to you.  The whole point of content marketing is that it helps your site, not hurts it!  Consider how much of your site contains useful information that you are not sharing with people.  Consider letting go of some of that control over who sees it, in exchange for building trust and credibility with your target market.

Much like the aforementioned hoarders on TV, you can learn to give up your stuff.  If you know that your content is going to a loving new owner, would that make it easier to let go of it?

You know what they say--sharing is caring.  It’s ok, you can do it.  We’re here for you and support you all the way.

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