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5 Content Development Tools That Work


Launching your online business requires strategies that enable you to achieve some ease in the sometimes-overwhelming process. But there are ways of simplifying and here are some content development tools that will work for you.

Remember, marketing of your business has many aspects, and content creation is one very vital part of your content marketing. These tools will make everything easier and more professional.

1. Google Browser Sizing Tool

Your website pages need to have critical parts visible to the viewer immediately when they visit. If they have to scroll down to see your special offer or reach a download button, chances are they will miss it altogether. You might miss out on an untold number of conversions.

The Google Browser Sizing Tool is one of the leading content development tools you’ll find. It will show you what visitors see when on a particular spot on the screen. Then you can take this into consideration when doing page design.

All important parts of your web page should be visible to your audience, without them having to scroll. So using the browser sizing tool allows you to check your page and what is visible to your web surfers. If you want that call to action to show up, or have them see and fill out a certain box or form, you will be able to tell if they can actually see it, and revise your page as necessary. Even if only a small percent of visitors miss an important aspect of your Home Page, it could make a huge difference.

2. Wonder Wheel

The magic of your content is the keywords contained in the text. Finding the right keywords is important for any business. The Wonder Wheel from Google can assist you in finding these keywords so you can use them effectively.

This wheel is appropriately named. There’s a kind of wonder to plugging in one of your keywords and finding all the related words that you can then evaluate as related to your products or services. Long tail keywords are usually difficult to locate. The Wonder Wheel, as one of the most popular content development tools, can take the mystery out of it for you.

When choosing which keywords you’ll use, remember: Aligning your keywords to important areas of interest can attract flocks of visitors and can generate untold leads.


Social media has come to the forefront for many businesses, allowing them to gain more and more paying customers. However, many have found that the length of their website’s address isn’t conducive to advertising on many sites with the limited characters allowed in postings.

For instance, on Twitter, only 140 characters are allowed per tweet. So what do you do when your URL is longer than that? Do you forget Twitter and use other means? You don’t have to with This tool will shrink your URL to a size easily used on this and other social sites. also has an analyzer tool where you can see the resulting usage of your link. First you put your URL into the shortening tool and get it shrunk to a decent size for a tweet. Then you track the usage and see what sort of results you are getting. Nothing short of miraculous! A favorite among content development tools!

Using social media as part of your content creation gets your name out there and recognized. is one of the most useful content development tools for anyone who wants his or her business become a household word.

4. Jing

There’s no doubt that videos and images assist you in creating excitement in your content. Jing helps you to capture images or create a video of whatever you see on your computer screen. This is useful when sending content through the following methods:

  • Blog posts

  • Email messages

  • Instant Messaging

  • Twitter tweets or Facebook posts

5. SpeakerText

When you use videos to share your content with the world, you can enhance these presentations with SpeakerText. When you create interactive transcripts, your content will come alive. Although not a free service, you’ll find it low cost and effective in impressing your target audience.

Once you sign up for an account, you import your video library and choose the ones you want to transcribe. You download your transcripts and place them on your website.

There are many other content development tools available on the Web. It’s vital to search out all you can so you can improve your conversion rates and skyrocket your profits.