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5 Ways To Make Your Content More Sharable


If you have great website, blog, Facebook fan page, and Twitter account, you’re off to a fantastic start. But what is the secret formula for maximizing content sharing among your readers or followers?

This article will give you solid tips to make your content more shareable. The assumption is that you already have amazing content that will encourage content sharing. 

1. WIIFM (What's In It For Me)?

Why should someone share your content? A reader generally isn't participating in content sharing out of loyalty to a business or brand, unless it’s personal. For example, I share my hair stylist’s posts when she advertises specials. I like her and want to help her get more clients. But I'll only share a Facebook post made by Gap or Old Navy if I feel it benefits me or my network in some way.

  • Make people feel that they’re relevant and “in the know”. Whether it’s a recipe for the world’s best lasagna, an article that sparks a political discussion, or a blog post about how to choose a cloud storage provider, people love to be the first to share news and good ideas.

  • Make people feel that they’re sharing the wealth. For example, if one of the frugal living sites I follow shares a link to a great coupon or a free magazine subscription, I’ll be quick to share that with my friends.

  • Use the Facebook "like" button. People like to share what they like. Put the Facebook “like” button on your product pages. An example of how this has been done well is the Levi’s website.  To get code for the “like” button, visit the Facebook plugins page

2. Use a Creative Commons license on your blog/website

A Creative Commons license allows people and businesses a standardized way to keep their copyright while still allowing specific uses of their work, or as Creative Commons says, a “some rights reserved” approach to copyright.  With a Creative Commons license, you can allow your work to be copied, distributed, edited, and remixed, and built upon, within the boundaries of copyright law. There are six license types so that you can customize your own license. 

3. Post the right things at the right times

Dan Zarrella shares infographics that illustrate the times that people are content sharing on Facebook and Twitter. You should time your postings to coincide with the times that people are reading their newsfeed. 

Facebook Sharing Infographic

  • Articles published on weekends are shared most often.

  • Articles posted at 8am are shared most often.

  • Posting every other day is the most effective method for getting people to share. 

Twitter Re-Tweet Infographic

The tips about times to post apply to Twitter tweets also. But Dan also offers some specific tips for getting more re-tweets:

  • Tweet links

  • Stop talking about yourself

  • Say something new

  • Ask for re-tweets

4. Make your content available in a variety of formats

  • Email

Have you totally ditched email marketing? Many people still want to receive their content via email. As companies tighten up their social media usage policies, many people can only access email. Also, some people just prefer to file the content they receive and read it at their leisure.

  • Newsletters

Consider a newsletter. I have a handful of newsletters that I’ve subscribed to via email for years. I get most of my content via RSS feed and social media, but I’d be mightily agitated if I suddenly lost my favorite newsletters. As an added bonus, have your newsletters live on your site via PDF files, links, or even content pages.

  • RSS Feed

Be sure that you are offering an RSS feed for your content. RSS is far from dead, and many professionals rely on it for staying up to date in their work and personal interests

5. Make sure you’re using a solid sharing tool on your blogs

  • Wibiya is free and offers a customized toolbar that you can install on your blog.

  • AddToAny offers your readers 120+ ways to share your content.

  • ShareThis is a sharing toolbar that you can set up in minutes no matter which blogging platform you use. You customize your main toolbar, and the toolbar includes a “ShareThis” icon that pops open into dozens of other social networking sites. 

Content sharing makes your marketing content work harder for you.  Use these tips to get the most out of your online marketing efforts!


Great article! Some great tips in here. I'd like to add one more important one - content curation. Sharing content is an important piece of content marketing but before you get to that point, organizing the content so it's easy for your audience to find is also important. Along with finding relevant content - these 3 legs make up content curation.
Posted @ Wednesday, August 10, 2011 9:58 AM by Jessie Zubatkin
goed artikel
Posted @ Friday, August 19, 2011 2:50 PM by jaap