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10 Powerful Tools for the Busy Content Curator


Content curation doesn’t have to be a time-suck.  Sometimes it’s difficult to build your own content, and with the proliferation of Tweets, blog posts, Facebook status updates, content curation can be an effective solution – sharing information posted by others. 

Content is extremely important in reputation-building and gaining the trust of followers, and being able to effectively share information makes your own content more valuable.  Here are 10 tools for that make content curation easier and make it worth your while.

1. allows users to organize Tweets into collections by topic, known as “bundles,” by using a simple Google Chrome extension that displays a “Curate” button below every Tweet on  These bundles can be subscribed to or shared by other users.

2.   Storyfy shares more than Tweets – it allows users to search multiple social media sites and share photos and videos as well.  With Storyfy, you can reorder elements and create a story from various social media channels to share with followers.

3.   Redux is content curation specifically for videos.  Use Redux to find exciting and relevant videos, create your own channel, or go off on a Stumble-like tangent into different topics that interest you and your followers.

4.   For web content, choose BagTheWeb, which allows you curate content from around the web in a “bag” and build networks of those “bags.” 

5.   Blog readers can curate RSS feeds with BlogBridge, a robust tool for voracious information consumers that searches through thousands of blogs and pulls out the best content.

6. is a widely used Twitter content curator.  It pulls relevant Tweets into a virtual “newspaper,” then can automatically Tweet out the newspaper to your followers. You choose the topics or hashtags that would be most relevant, and does the rest.

7.   Pearltrees displays a hub-and-spoke diagram of content, presenting it visually.  It collates content that you search for and collect and presents it the diagram.  You hover over the pearls to get previews of the content.

8.   Bundlr does what the name implies: bundles Tweets, videos, article clippings and other content and allows you to share it easily with others.

9.   Want to store and share content from your social streams? does that easily.  It also indexes the web page where the content is coming from so that you have your own personal search engine.

10.   YourVersion lets you choose keywords based on your interests, then scours the web and presents the information on a dashboard – everything from news, blogs, web pages and Tweets – organized into different tabs.

These are only 10 of many content curation sites that are available.  There are also plenty of robust, paid content curators that will let you turbo-charge your social media efforts, should you want to take your efforts up a notch.


Thanks for the info about using concrete curation. I really didn't know this type of content would be good to use since I primarily was trying to create original content. Do you need to reference these excerpts to the source?
Posted @ Tuesday, September 20, 2011 7:48 PM by Linda
Good job Christine! Much appreciated. 
For those interested in exploring the whole universe of content curation tools out there, please see the Newsmaster Toolkit
Posted @ Wednesday, September 21, 2011 4:32 AM by Robin Good
Hi Linda! Good question. The answer is--not necessarily. For example, if you're retweeting material (a basic form of content curation), you're referencing the original. But, you can also simply gather together ideas from other blogs and articles and rewrite them into original content without referencing them directly. This is a great way to get fresh ideas of interest to your audience while keeping the content original to you.
Posted @ Wednesday, September 21, 2011 8:56 AM by Beth Hrusch
And so you have curated the tools needed for content curation. An effective demonstration of the concept. In order to curate any topic on the internet, some tools are needed just to keep up. Thanks for the assist!
Posted @ Thursday, October 06, 2011 4:16 PM by Pat
What a great list of tools - I have several to add to my list, which includes my current favorite - I've found that the tools don't do all of the work for you, but they sure make tasks like content curation a heck of a lot easier!
Posted @ Monday, January 02, 2012 12:07 PM by Katy Ryan Schamberger