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Coca-Cola: Content Marketing Is The Future


A recent blog post by Joe Pulizzi over at the Content Marketing Institute reminds us all that content is the future of marketing, even for the big guys.

Yes, Coca-Cola has come on board, with a new marketing mission statement that reflects its belief in the power of content marketing.  It’s called Content 2020, and it’s an approach that takes into account the new ways that people consume and share information.

Jonathan Mildenhall, Coca-Cola’s vice president of global advertising strategy and excellence, states “Our stories must add substance and value to people’s lives and it has to be the world’s most compelling content.  Stories must remain connected, but no one model of content development can do it alone.”

This sounds familiar.

The new emphasis will be on storytelling and consumer feedback —2 big elements of content marketing and keys to its success.  Coca-Cola's plan for creating valuable content is ambitious and includes:

  • Crowdsourcing ideas through social media

  • Direct contact with artists and the film/music industries

  • Collaborating with agencies to produce high-quality content

Check out the 2 videos.  Part 1 talks about “liquid and linked content”.  Part 2 covers the development of this content.   Don’t mind the marketing-speak—the videos were produced for those in the industry.  The core ideas themselves are pretty clear:  more content creation, more content sharing, less traditional interruptive “30 second TV marketing”.

With the Content 2020 campaign, Mildenhall aims to take Coca-Cola to the next level.  The lesson?  By more fully utilizing the undeniable power of content and content sharing, even a company with already awesome brand recognition can grab an even bigger chunk of the market.

Imagine what it can do for you.


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