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7 Tips For Building An Influential Business Blog



With the sheer volume of blogs already in existence, and the slew of new bloggers coming online every day, making your voice heard in all that clutter can get difficult.

You can try simple SEO tricks to try to rank well in search engines, but that alone will not create a loyal audience of readers that will subscribe, comment, and share your posts with the rest of the world. If you want to have an influential business blog which produces a steady stream of leads, you need an intelligent business blog strategy.

So, here are 7 top tips for building a blog with influence:

Publish often

Post at least twice per week, daily if possible. If you are short of ideas, one way to generate material is to curate good content from around the web related to your industry, and add your own spin or comments to it. You can publish a small excerpt with a link to the original article, and simply express your opinion or talk about how this affects your industry. This will establish you as a thought leader that is on top of goings-on in your field. If you are too busy to write much, check out the next couple of tips for some solutions.

Invite Credible Guest Bloggers

Guest bloggers, for the most part, simply want some recognition and backlinks, and will therefore provide you awesome content for free. Most professional bloggers use them, including web marketing guru John Chow who is probably one of the most clever users of this business blog strategy. The guest blogs on his site blend in well with his own voice, and they are of high value due to being information-rich and very relevant.

Use good ghostwriters if you aren’t going to write it yourself

If you cannot write your own content, hire a professional who will. Mind you, I wrote “professional.” There are great writers, and then there is the penny-per-word crowd that might not even be native English speakers. I can detect these writers within about 10 seconds, as my eyes gloss over and a fog envelops my mind when trying to read their churned-out content with odd grammar and expressions. Please, avoid them — pay a little more and get some quality writing that will actually do the job. At Zerys, there are some good freelance writers, but make sure you bid competitively if you want the best.

Cut down on the ads

Monetizing your blogs is fine, but overdoing it will turn off an audience. One or two ad blocks is acceptable, but avoid anything annoying like pop-ups or video ads that automatically play audio when a page is loaded. Too much commercialization takes away from your own branding as an influencer and interferes with the conversation with your audience.

Don’t be afraid to mention the competition.

You might be thinking, “Huh? In this dog-eat-dog world of business, you want me to mention a competitor? Are you nuts?” No, I’m not. Mentioning your top competitors in positive terms, such as paying them sincere compliments on some accomplishment, is a smart business blog strategy that can pay off in your own marketing.

Many of the top 50 most influential bloggers do this all the time, linking and referring to other top bloggers. Why does it work? First, it associates your brand with the best, making you look more credible. Second, when people search for your competitor, guess whose blog also has a good chance of showing up? Free traffic when people search for your competition — see, I told you I wasn’t nuts!

Talk back

Keeping the conversation going by responding to and moderating reader comments is very important. It lets people know you are real and spurs further comments. Moderating comments is also necessary to get rid of spam or negative people which can reduce the professionalism of your site.

Publish a book or white paper

Writing a book and listing it for sale on your blog, or publishing a free white paper, are both excellent ways to build up your credibility and gain influence. Write about things you know, and avoid being too salesy or technical. As mentioned before, freelance writers are available on the web to help.

A good blog will take some time to build, but by using a smart business blog strategy you can reap the rewards of a larger audience, more engagement, and a steady flow of leads. I hope these 7 tips I have given you will help expand your business.