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5 Fabulous Ideas For Creating Sharable Content


Internet marketing pros know that content sharing is key to driving traffic to a website. Increased traffic means increased sales, so finding creative ways to drive new users to your site is important. In the online world, as in the "real world," word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising.

On the internet,  word-of-mouth takes the form of content sharing via email and various social media sites. Encouraging your website visitors to share your web content is crucial to establishing your online brand. Consistent posting, creating fresh web content, building a solid social media business campaign, and these five fabulous ideas will have you well on your way to creating sharable content your online audience loves.

  1. Connect Fresh Content to Breaking News.  Make your posts, tweets and articles timely and relevant to current events in your industry or region. Check newsfeeds to see what is happening in the world, and create your web content to capitalize on what is newsworthy. A quick visit to twitter or Google Trends will show you what topics are "trending" in your city, region or country. It is important to publish your content while the topic i.

  2. Use Infographics, Images, or Videos to Create Sharable Content  Presenting information in a lively and visual format such as an infographic, slide show or video captures the readers' attention and increases the chances of content sharing leading to your post going viral. Sharing an exceptional image is a great way to get your content "pinned" on Pinterest.  This is a new image-based social media platform where users create pinboards of images and videos to organize and share information.  Images must be clear, useful, beautiful and/or humorous to maximize the likelihood of content sharing.

  3. Provide Helpful Tips and Useful Information Think hard about your target audience. What do they want to know? What are the hard questions in your field that none of your competitors want to address? What would inspire a reader to sit up and say "I have to tell my mother/sister/co-worker/friend about this?"

    Do a quick Google Search on products or services in your field and include the words "problems, costs, pricing and competition" in your search term. Don't be afraid to address issues your competitors steer away from.  Difficult information presented in a straightforward concise list or blog post is a great way to build trust with your audience and inspire them to share your knowledge online.

  4. Create Original Unique Content Inspire content sharing by providing information that isn't easily available on the internet, and that users need and want. There is no point in creating content that nobody wants to read. Dscover what your target audience is looking for by reviewing comments on your site and questions asked in discussion groups, forums and on Yahoo Answers. Visit your competitors' websites to see which posts get the most comments and inspire the most content sharing.  Make note of what is missing and write about it on your site. 

  5. Be a Content Sharing Leader One of the most effective ways to inspire your existing audience to share your web content is to be a role model in posting in discussion groups and forums. In addition to sharing your own content, be generous with providing links to other information your followers will find interesting. 

Make Content Sharing Easy with Social Media Buttons
Visitors to your website and blog should be able to find "share" buttons easily.  Confirm that every page and post have buttons for sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ as well as any other social media platforms your business is active on.  Don't confuse a "follow" button with a "share" button.  A follow button allows users to sign up to receive notification when you post new content. A share button makes it easy for users to share a particular piece of content with Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn associates and email contacts.

Website owners and entrepreneurs will quickly find content sharing is key to gathering even more new followers as your current users share your products, services and information with their friends and family. 


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