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5 Smart Ways To Promote Your Blog Off-Site

Maintaining a blog with fresh marketing content is a strategy used by today's savvy online entrepreneurs and website owners. Including a blog on your company website provides added value to visitors, and is a great place to share knowledge of new developments in your field, detail case studies to illustrate your problem-solving techniques, and provide useful information for readers.

Having your own blog is a great start, but it isn't enough. To really make it useful as a marketing and sales tool for your business, you constantly need to find smart ways to increase your readership.

In addition to creating a well-written and search-engine-optimized blog, it is important to remember to promote it in areas outside of your website. Whether online or offline, use a variety of marketing techniques to flesh out your blog strategy and improve traffic. Here are five smart ways to promote your blog off-site, and encourage new and existing customers to read and share the information found there.
  1. Guest Blog on a Regular Basis:  A guest blog refers to writing a post on another blog or website. Writing on other blogs can be a valuable part of your blog strategy if you go about it the right way. Think of companies that provide goods or services complementary to your own. Make a list of suppliers or outside equipment manufacturers you interact with regularly. Offer to write a guest blog highlighting how you use their equipment.  Include a two line bio with a link back to your blog. This is a great way to not only build readership, but also strengthen good relationships with suppliers.
  2. Promote Your Blog URL Everywhere: Extend your blog strategy offline. Add your website and blog address to all print materials, including brochures and  business cards. Include it in your contact information  appearing on alumni lists and any professional or personal associations you belong to. Add it to the copy for your next company marketing order so that it appears on your signs, coffee mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, notepads and pens. Receipts or invoices, quotes and newspaper advertisements should all include your blog URL as well as email address.
  3. Implement a Social Media Campaign: In addition to well-known social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, check out Pinterest, Tumblr and the iPhone and Android app Instagram. For a cool location-based social media site, visit Foursquare, which allows user to "check-in" with their location and find nearby businesses. Post high-quality images of your products on Pinterest and Instagram. Use hashtags ( a fancy word for keywords preceded by the "#" that allows users to find posts by category) to lead readers to your Pins or Instagrams, which in turn link back to your blog.
  4. Build Authority and a Reputation as a Subject Matter Expert: Building your reputation as an authority in your field is an excellent blog strategy. Visit the question-and-answer site Quora to set up an account, become established as an expert and begin answering reader questions.  Approach your local newspaper and offer to answer one question per week regarding your field. Include a one-or-two-sentence bio and link to your blog in the paper.
  5. Incorporate Your Blog Into Presentations and Talks: An effective off-line activity to add to your blog strategy is to begin referring to your blog in any talks or presentations you give. Ensure your blog address is displayed at the bottom of the screen in PowerPoint presentations and on all handouts. Begin your presentation by telling your audience they can find supplementary material on your blog. When meeting with clients or customers, direct them to your blog for any additional details, worksheets, instructions or trouble-shooting information.
Bonus Tip: Add your blog URL to your personal and professional email signatures. This takes little time and effort, and is a great way to attract new readers. Do it as soon as you finish reading this post!

Implementing a creative and successful off-site blog strategy requires a plan and consistent, committed effort. Experiment with different tactics to increase your blog traffic and discover a blog strategy that works  best for you. Your hard work will pay off with increased traffic to your blog and result in higher sales. Make sure your visitors are wowed by what they see when they visit your blog.  Keep it  up-to-date with fresh and useful information, incorporate compelling call-to-actions in your web content, and provide easy-to-find share buttons on every post to make your posts shareable.


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