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10 Tips For Magnetic Content They Can't Resist


In this post-Panda online marketing environment, one thing is certain. Content rules!  And, it's not enough to just put up tired, old content with the necessary keywords. Today's online reader (and search engines) are looking for magnetic content--something that's thought-provoking and that they don't see on every other Web site.

So, how to you create this dynamic content? Here are few tips:

1. Use first hand knowledge. Readers most often come to you to solve a problem. Tell them your personal experiences. Even negative experience counts. In fact, according to Barry Feldman on Social Media, content about mistakes are some of the best-drawing articles on the Web.

2. Interviews. Interviews are by definition unique. Plus, they all, but write themselves. Talk with a customer about his experience with your product. Interview your product designer and ask how she gets her ideas and what goes into creating a new product.

3. Consider step-by-step guides. Show your readers how to use your product.  Enough said.

4. Share the news in your Industry. Everyone likes to stay up-to-date on all of the latest news. Show how news will affect your customers and how your product or service can help.

5. Make lists. Just like this one, lists of things to do, not to do, the best, the worst...have stood the test of time, through all versions of Google's algorithms. People just like lists. (An added advantage to lists is that they are easy to write.)

6. Write opinion pieces. Nothing is as original as your opinion. These can be product reviews, event recaps, forecasts or political essays. It depends on your product and industry.

7. Tell a story. Everyone enjoys a good story. Tell how your product solves a problem for a customer or tell a story about one of your company's employees. According to Frank Marquardt on, the best content begins with a strong, relevant idea and creates a discussion around your brand.

8. Make it fun. It sounds obvious, but no one wants to read Web pages that feel like college textbooks, dry and boring. Says Rich Meyer on "New Media and," good content should leave a site visitor wanting to read more.

9. Create content that will stand alone. Yes, your goal with your Web site is to drive customers to purchase your product or service, but the best content has merit of its own, without the rest of your site. The goal of your content should be to solve the needs of your reader, says Mike Tekula on Unstuck

10. Be interactive. Avoid seeming like you're lecturing to your readers by allowing them to rate your article, post comments and/or share their experiences.

So, remember: magnetic (and successful) content isn't just about being unique. You need to also be interesting and engaging. Try a few of these tips and you'll be increasing your readership--and your sales--in no time.