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Pulizzi Says: Set Audacious Content Goals


Now there’s a word you don’t hear much anymore.  Audacious.  Who uses that word?

Joe Pulizzi does, and he’s not afraid to, neither.  The godfather of content marketing, founder of the Content Marketing Institute and occasional wearer of orange socks is telling us that setting audacious content goals is not only a good idea, it’s practically the law.

As he says, buying customers’ attention is getting harder and harder these days.  In this competitive online marketing environment people are demanding that you earn it—or at least politely but firmly asking.  To get the sale your marketing strategy has to think big.  How can you earn their trust, their attention, and their dollars in this day and age?

With remarkable content, of course.  The great thing about content is that it allows you to think big and act big without losing touch with your market.  You can become the expert, the authority, the go-to solution while still staying connected to the people who got you there.  Think about social media, videos, webcasts and blogs—all that content you’ve got out there being commented on and shared.  Every time you post something truly useful, entertaining and well-written you are building your web presence with the help of your audience, your customers. 

You aren’t talking at them.  You aren’t selling to them.  You are taking them along for the ride.  It’s the new way to market in this “I can find my own answers, thank you very much” consumer climate.  And, it’s the fastest, most reliable way to take your marketing to the next level.

Joe asks what would happen if all of your content was removed from the web.  Would anyone miss it?  Would it leave a gap in your niche?   If you don’t set audacious content goals, if you don’t start to shoot for something better than ok, if you don’t demand that your content make people want more—you are risking a quick trip to Internet obscurity. 

So check your marketing goals.  See how your content can work harder for you.  It can do practically anything for you, you know, if you just set it free.

Audacious.  I love that word.


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