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Organic Content: What It Is And Why It Works

Good web content is king...and always has been. If you're confused about how to weather the ever-increasing changes to search engine algorithms, turning your efforts towards writing good, organic web content is almost always a better use of your time and effort than chasing the latest trick to "gaming" the search engine systems.

What is Organic Content?
Organic content refers to website pages that are written (and found) primarily by users typing keywords into search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. This differs from online newspapers or ezines that rely on a loyal readership or subscribers for their page views.

Why Organic Web Content Works
Although it may sometimes seem that way, search engine companies don't set out to punish website owners. The primary goal of these companies is to find useful, relevant content for those that use their services. Quality web content that is interesting, readable, evergreen and on topic will virtually always cause your website to move (or stay) towards the top of relevant search engine results.

Hallmarks of Good Organic Content
According to Amrit Hallan on Credible, the best web content is that which answers a reader's question. Don't most of us turn to the Internet when we want help with something, whether it's making potato salad, tiling the bathroom floor or filing for unemployment benefits? Stellar web content answers such queries in language that's easy to understand and that speaks to the reader's need.

As essential as it is to create organic content that answers a readers' questions, Austin Lovvorn on BMI Elite cautions about writing the same article over and over in different ways. You don't want to bore your reader. Equally, you don't want to throw up a score of web pages and then forget about the site. Like gardens, websites flourish with regular care. Add new articles on a regular basis. Address reader comments and mix up your written pages with images, videos and even animation.

In short, making organic content work means concentrating more on substance that on ranking. When your site fulfills a need in a readable and interesting way, good search engine ranking will follow closely behind.


It's so easy, you would expect everybody to understand...Just stop investing time in tricking search engines and put your time in creating great content...But I still land on pages that are only bait and nothing more...
Posted @ Thursday, July 26, 2012 11:04 AM by Edwin Vlems
Thanks for reading. Yes, you're still going to see a lot of bad content for quite awhile. But, the good news is that Google is on our side and it's a powerful ally in the fight against non-useful, poorly-written spam content. 
And of course, more and more businesses are getting on board with content marketing, learning the importance of high-quality, organic content, and putting more resources toward it. Thanks for your comment, and be sure to spread the word!
Posted @ Thursday, July 26, 2012 11:13 AM by Beth Hrusch