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5 Clever Strategies For Creating Stellar Marketing Content


The trick to a great content marketing strategy is finding a way to communicate information marketing contentabout your products or services without actually selling. Instead of pitching, in an article for Forbes, Michael Brenner recommends that you deliver valuable information that helps your consumers. In a world where you can fast-forward through commercials and tune-out ads, you need to create content that’s better than great—it has to be stellar.

Unlike traditional advertisements, content marketing is not about interrupting your target with “Act now!” messages; it’s about making a connection with your customers. When your marketing content is exceptional, your target customers reward you with their business and faithfulness.

How to Make the Inner Workings of Your Content Marketing Strategy Stellar

  1. Have a focus. Just as in real life, you can’t please everyone. The same is true for content. In lieu of trying to appeal to the masses, use your marketing research to create content that appeal to your target consumer. For example, if you create a blog your general musings and observations, your readership will most likely consist of individuals who stumbled upon it by accident. This blog setup is OK if you’re writing for fun and don’t care about unique page views, conversion rates, increasing sales and building a loyal fan base. On the other hand, if you do care about establishing loyal followers, your content marketing strategy needs a focus. If, for example, you sell cosmetics, your blog might highlight the latest makeup trends, including celebrity styles and the best in-season colors to wear. When you have a focus, your followers are individuals who are most likely to purchase what you offer.

  2. Solve a problem with high-quality content. By nature, people like rewards. High-quality content with valuable information is like a reward for your consumers. As you create content, give it perceived value by addressing a problem that you target may face. A natural laundry detergent company, for example, may find that tough stains as a common consumer problem. As you address a problem, offer the readers a solution that’s valuable, accurate and smart. Using the previous example, a natural laundry detergent company may create content that teaches consumers how to battle different stains, offer stain-prevention tips or provide tips about how to have a natural, earth-friendly lifestyle. The content doesn’t necessarily push the use of a company’s product or service. Instead, it sets the company up as a thought leader and offers solutions that the consumers perceive as important. According to the website CopyBlogger, quality content will train your consumers to regularly follow your messages because it rewards them for doing what you want—like a trained puppy.

  3. Set yourself up as a trustworthy industry expert. The last thing that you want to hear (or read) is that you don’t know what you’re talking about. In order to achieve your content marketing strategy goals, your followers must know who you are, like you and trust you before they’ll spend time and money on you. When your content is exceptional, it will buy you the time it takes to build the trust that your consumers seek. Ways that you can set yourself up as an expert is by writing an industry-related report on a buzzing topic (interview industry leaders for your report), create consumer guides, offer how-to articles, participate in forums (for example, if you’re a wedding photographer, offer advice in wedding forums), write guest posts for other blogs and so on.

  4. Don’t be afraid to be quirky. Pique the interest of your target audience by using a funny or unusual article from another source to create analogies and metaphors for your own content. As an example, if you own a gym, use a silly tabloid story about a predicted zombie apocalypse as a way to encourage your readers to get into shape so they can outrun the monsters. Or, use the story as analogy for the need to take control over one’s health to prevent a worst-case-scenario. Alternatively, compare your company, product or service to a hot or strange celebrity story. After all, there must be some things that your company has in common with LOL Cats or Vin Diesel’s love of Dungeons and Dragons.

  5. Create a powerful call-to-action. As one of the most vital elements of your content, the Content Marketing Institute states that a call-to-action is the trigger that leads your target to the next step (e.g. clicking on a link, making a purchase, leaving a comment, etc.). Your call-to-action must be clear, nurture your visitors and offer an immediate benefit.

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