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Mobile Video Marketing-How Hot Is It?


mobile video marketing 

So, let's say you’re a busy marketing executive who's smart, savvy, and always working to keep up on the latest trends. You overhear a conversation in the elevator about “mobile video marketing”. Not wanting to get behind the times, you hurry back to your office to start researching. What the heck is mobile video marketing, you wonder, and how hot is it?

First, it’s important to realize how hot mobile phones are. Around 89% of the total U.S. population has at least one. Second, if mobile phones are hot, then Internet-enabled, a.k.a. smartphones, are blazing. From January to March 2010 alone, 314.7 million phones were sold and 54.3 of those were smartphones. It is predicted that by 2013, more people will connect to the Internet via their mobile phone than with their PC.

With all technology there comes a pivotal point when it becomes evident that life as we know it has been forever changed. For the smartphone, that time is now. Not only is it here to stay, it’s evolving into a tiny handheld computer capable of almost anything its larger counterparts can do, and soon most people won’t want to live without them.

What does all this mean to you? One thing is for sure—the mobile market can’t be ignored. To learn the best way to reach this market, it’s best to see what’s been working and what hasn’t. Below are the three types of mobile media:

SMS Text – Currently, this is the most widely used method of mobile marketing. SMS text is fast: users usually open, read and share these messages within a few minutes of receipt. Joy Liuzzo, Senior Director, Marketing and Mobile Research at InsightExpress, has researched data showing that nearly all age groups sign up for SMS alerts, which indicates consumer willingness to interact with companies via SMS.

Internet Ads – According to ReelSEO Video Marketing, studies have shown that there’s a greater likelihood that smartphone users will take action after seeing a mobile ad than other types of ads. ReelSEO cites a recent Google study that reported approximately 71% of smartphone users searched for related content after viewing ads online and offline. However, the downside is that due to screen sizes, mobile Internet ads are hard to see and clutter the screen, which reduces their impact.

Video – this medium is still relatively new, but early studies have shown its' rapid growth. Almost 24 million US mobile users will be watching videos on their devices at least once a month by the end of the year, as estimated by eMarketer. This represents an increase of nearly 30% more than estimated in 2009. Recently, companies have begun to reach their audiences with video that's embedded into an SMS message, making mobile video marketing one of the most versatile methods.

So, knowing a bit more about the mobile marketing landscape, a perceptive marketing executive like you can now draw a few conclusions about mobile video marketing. SMS text is fast and proven and the potential to multiply its’ impact by incorporating video is promising. Companies like MobileBeyond have experienced successful SMS-transferred mobile video campaigns with clients like Reebok, who reached a 50% CTR (click through rate).

Internet ads are also proven, but with mobile screen sizes, video has the visibility advantage. And video is gaining in popularity. It’s projected there will be 5.6 billion smartphones in the world by 2015, and video will comprise 66% of the content transferred between these phones. So, basically mobile video marketing can take the advantages of SMS text and Internet ads to create the best of all worlds with its versatility, visibility and growing popularity.

The mobile audience is more focused on what they watch, because usually they’re viewing during commutes or spare time. As a result, they’re more likely to notice ads and take action, whether it be completing surveys, requesting information, or purchasing products. Incorporating video into your mobile marketing strategy is a smart way to take advantage of technology that has already laid the groundwork for success.

When you think about it that way, mobile video marketing is pretty hot!

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5 Ways To Use Video Marketing For Business



If you haven't embraced video marketing for business, you're missing the boat! The ‘new’ social consumer seeks interaction with the businesses they frequent. If you are already creating videos- are they enhancing your consumer process?  Are they boosting your bottom line?

Review the 5 methods listed below to see how you can enhance your current content marketing campaign.

1.   Broadcast- Develop an Online Video Channel
Past sharing videos online, companies that are serious about integrating video marketing into their ongoing customer acquisition strategy develop a video channel, often with their own URL. For example, worship groups often post their services for online viewers, sports team offer live video feeds of the games or matches, companies that provide educational services may offer online classes (i.e. cooking/baking or arts and crafts) and organizations may choose to offer ‘How To’ videos or snippets from key leader presentations for viewers.

2.   Host Consumer Video Contests
Videos don’t and shouldn’t need to all be created internally. In fact, some of the most popular online videos were created by every day, ordinary people with a passion for sharing an idea or creation. Host a consumer contest, inviting your network to submit a video for a PR campaign or new product idea. Review submissions and post the winners online.

3.   Provide Bite Sized Sound Bites- Encourage Sharing and Interaction
When used in combination with social media, videos offer the ability to add the much needed visual component for your brand. Powerful videos are those that encompass bite sized sound bites, slideshare documents and video covering your PR campaign. Your message should have purpose, should be concise, should be targeted and should be tested.

Have you considered asking your network for feedback on a new logo, new ad campaign or new product launch? Ask for feedback prior to launching a new video for your marketing campaign. Brand conversation will occur only when people engage in conversation with your organization. And conversation will only occur when your viewers find interest and value in the post. Post to your company’s social media sites, encouraging followers and friends to leave comments, post ideas or share the information with their network.

4.    Product Videos
According to both the April 2010 Internet Retailer and August 2009 Comscore Reports, product demonstration videos boost online sales as much as 64-85%.  Video demonstrations enhance the consumer’s product expectations, also reducing product returns, which can be costly to any business. Product videos can encompass demonstrations, testimonials or reviews from customers, how-to or tutorials and traditional advertisements for a more direct approach.

5.   Create Training Sessions- Educate and Inform
Videos don’t just encompass those crazy YouTube videos uploaded daily worldwide; they provide form and function for businesses looking to educate both their employee base and their customer/client base. Podcasts, webinars and product instruction guides used independently or in conjunction with a live presented via teleconference, offer an interactive platform for learning to occur.

Video marketing for business offers more than simply funny posts on YouTube. When leveraged properly, the increase online brand presence, offer unique ways to interact with and engage your current clients and customers and provide information and demonstrations needed to turn prospects into customers.

5 Ways To Optimize Your Video Marketing Content Writing


No one wants to read a wall of boring, uninterrupted text. To quote from Alice in Wonderland, (who arguably as the shortest attention span and the largest imagination,) "How can one possibly pay attention to a book with no pictures?"

Fortunately for websites trying to sell products and services, the average online viewer watches 14.8 hours of video content per month. Studies also show that people are interested in video because of movement, color and human connection.

If you want to tap into this cheap and easy advertisement cache, though, your video marketing content writing has to hook your audience and convince them to visit your site.

  • Start off with a bang. While the average person is more likely to watch a video than read a blog, you can count on a significantly shorter attention span. With the printed word, a reader can scroll down until he find a section that catches his eye. WIth a video, though, you have between 10 and 30 seconds to grab your viewer's attention before they move on. Do it with a rhetorical question, a bold claim about your website, or with a randomly improbable song, explosion or cartoon. Make sure that all salient and exciting information about your website is in that initial time slot, or it may never get watched.

  • Pick your style. You have two choices when trying to hook your audience with video marketing content writing: 

    1.) Be direct. There's a gap in the market and you're there to fill it. Explain what product or service you're providing and the reason that everyone needs it. With this option you want to be as friendly and knowledgeable as possible. By using a video, you're establishing your voice and face to your service, and that's how it will be remembered. So be memorable.

    2.) Show something wild, funny, sexy or exciting that is somewhat related to your service or product. You can make a parody of a recent hit song and change the lyrics to reflect your website, or film it in the format of the latest and greatest in smart phone apps. You'll spend more money in production costs, but if you go viral then you'll get the attention of people who didn't even know they needed your services. Until now.

  • Tailor your content to viewership results. There are all kinds of online tools that pick up your viewership statistics and arrange them into neat little graphs. Your video marketing content writing should be updated and changed according to the feedback you get. Look at the demographic of people who watched your video. If it was primarily made up of teenage girls and you want to advertise to males ages 18 - 45, you may need to reevaluated your strategy. Also look at how much of the video was watched. If everyone is moving on after only five seconds or so, then change up your intro and make it more exciting.

  • Implement keywords. Video marketing content writing is all about research, so make sure your video tags are ones that are going to be searched for online by a large demographic. Try to think about the way people phrase inquiries in search engines and then use those and several variations in your tags. Make sure you cover the most ubiquitous questions and keywords in your video. If your website caters mostly to a local area, use the name of surrounding cities as tags; you'll be more likely to be one of the top hits when people search for services in your area.

  • Shamelessly plug your website. Whether you're directly addressing an inquiry or making an entertaining clip about your services, your audience needs to know who you are. Hopefully, your video is being sent out through multiple video servers instead of just being posted on your website. Have your website URL linked in the keywords and pasted at the bottom of the screen. Mention it during the video and urge people to visit it for more information. This will get you higher traffic and hopefully arouse people's curiosity about your products.

It doesn't matter what product or service you're selling, or even how entertaining you are if you don't have the correct video marketing content writing. Remember that you want as many people as possible to stumble onto your video, become excited or intrigued and find their way to your website. Anything else, even viral fame and appearances on the local news, won't get you the traffic and customers that you need.

5 Video Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid


Video marketing is a technique used to promote a business, service or product through short videos. These videos are informative, educational and attractive, while at the same time highlighting the item being marketed. It can be a highly effective marketing tool--if you avoid the pitfalls.

Five video marketing mistakes to avoid:

ONE:  Don’t forget that video marketing is just that – marketing! Your video should be entertaining, educational or thought-provoking; but most importantly it should market whatever it is you are selling.

  • Call to Action: Your video is designed to get your marketing message out to as many people as possible. But if your video doesn’t include a call to action, your message is incomplete. You need to clearly let your audience know what you want them to do. Your call to action can be at the end of your video, or it can be spread through out, but you need to be concise and specific. First provide the information in a helpful and genuine manner, then ask your audience to do something for you; make a comment, sign up for your newsletter, buy your product.

  • Tracking:  Consider offering a special promotion within your video. Use a unique code to track when your viewers make a purchase or access additional information. These techniques will help you track the ROI against the cost of your video.

  • Branding: Incorporate your brand (name, logo, website information, etc.) into your video. You can add a watermark or a small box in one corner with your brand information. However, don’t let this overwhelm the video itself.

TWO:  Don’t make your video too long! Statistics provided by YouTube indicate people will watch approximately 3.5 minutes of a video before they get bored and move on to something else. No matter how interesting your video is, your audience is unlikely to watch a long video. The best blogs and online articles tend to be short and to-the-point; your video should be the same. If you have a lot to share, make a series of short videos.

THREE:  Don’t upload your video before it has been properly edited! A poorly or improperly edited video will be bad for your business and for your reputation. View your video several times yourself. Determine who your target market is, then show your video to friends, relatives or business associates within that target market. Don’t get into such a hurry to share your video with the world that you miss something important in editing.
FOUR:  Don’t forget to be ready to share!  Even the world’s greatest video will be ineffective is no one sees it.

  • Use YouTube: When you create a YouTube account you get a profile (called your channel), friends and followers (subscribers), ratings, favorites, playlists, comments, and a variety of other capabilities. Study the YouTube tutorials and learn all about these marketing methods – then use them for your video marketing!

  • Facebook:  Share your video on your personal and/or business Facebook page. Encourage “friends” to comment on your video and to share it with others.

  • Twitter, LinkedIn, blog sites, websites, emails: Share your video whenever and wherever you can. And encourage your viewers to share your video.

  • Remember: Sharing is caring – caring about your business!

FIVE:  Don't forget to be authentic in promoting your business and your product.

  • Boring:  Don’t be boring! Unless a video is so terribly boring that it becomes funny, you will find people don’t share boring videos. If it is appropriate for your product or service, have fun and let that show in your video. You will find people like to share in the fun.

  • Be genuine:  Let your personality and your belief in your company or product show in all video marketing projects. You will connect with more people, and connect in a positive way, if they believe you and like you.

  • Equipment:  Don’t get caught up in the idea that you must purchase the most expensive equipment available in order to create a good video. The message is what is important, and your sincerity.

  • Instant results:  Don’t expect instant results from your video marketing. Think of it like planting a flower garden. First you prepare the soil, then you plant the seeds, then you water them and watch and wait. Soon small green shoots will emerge and grow into beautiful flowers. Video marketing is similar, it takes time and patience; but if done correctly will provide beautiful results.

Video marketing is an exciting way to market your business. These tips should help make your experience easier and more profitable.

How To Integrate Video Into Your Social Media Marketing Plan



Used to be when people met friends at work, at school or at the bar, they’d share jokes. “What did the Zen Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?” someone might ask, and everyone would scratch their heads and try to guess the answer. 

Today, it’s not jokes that circulate so much as videos posted to the Web. Some are slicker and more entertaining than others, some are just plain dumb, but sharing interesting, often arresting videos is taking place at an unheard of scale and speed. Think millions of impressions per day. Indeed, it’s almost too easy, now, to email a link or post it to your Facebook page and like that, share that wacky video you just watched with 150 of your closest friends - each of whom may, in turn, pass it on to all of their pals, and so on. 

It’s this fast-exploding tree of pass-alongs that can make video, done properly, a powerful element of almost any social media-based campaign.

Just ask Old Spice, which saw a YouTube video it posted last year rack up 20 million views in just three days. Which, in turn, triggered a series of follow-on videos that together massively reinvigorated this sagging brand of cologne and aftershave. Its main audience - our grandparents, essentially - had been shrinking for years. But the videos drew an entirely new, much younger audience and in the next three months, Old Spice saw sales spike by 55%!

That’s not something any old blog scribblings, Facebook page, or Twitter account is going to accomplish, for darn sure. 

 “Video is turning out to be a key element of every successful social media commerce campaign,” advises Larry Chase, editor of the Web Digest for Marketers. In addition to Old Spice’s genre-busting campaign, he points to a trio of quirky “V-Dub in the Haus” commercials posted by VW in 2006 to promote its GTI sports coupe. 

Clearly, not everyone has the marketing budget of an Old Spice or VW, but those firms’ success with the medium offers key lessons for every would-be video marketing maven. First, and most obvious: To grab attention and give your blog or Facebook page a large helping of “link juice,” Chase says, a video must deliver something of value. Otherwise, it will be lost in the clutter.

This value may be simply a quick jolt of irresistible entertainment, as with Old Spice’s commercial, or it may be an informative demo of your product, or a look at the back story of your company or its people or its manufacturing process. Whatever it shows, the video must make your audience feel it was worth their time to have watched it. 

This leads to the second lesson which is, to coin a phrase, Make it short and sweet. Shorter means easier to watch, of course, but that, in turn, demands more precise production. So, don’t futz around, get to the point and drive it home. The good news is that great video doesn’t necessarily require a great big budget. The key ingredients are simply creativity and sincerity. Indeed, feature movies - and many of YouTube’s greatest hits - have been shot on common cellphones. Shaky, low-res images have established their own aesthetic - though even that should be used sparingly, of course.

As with other content, keywords matter. Any video you post should be accompanied by a well-thought out collection of tags chosen to help your potential audience find your clip. Even in the world of moving images, SEO rules!

Finally, be ready for success. This means understanding that on YouTube, the bigger your audience, the more likely it is that 1) you’ll see lots of comments posted about your video and 2) you’ll see new videos created by others in response to yours. In fact, some of these responses may be remixes of your footage, though that can be discouraged with certain settings available on the YouTube site.

In the case of Old Spice, WDFM’s Chase points out, the firm’s ad agency kept its exploding audience engaged with more than 100 follow-on videos largely based on viewers’ input. “All this was planned for months in advance,” Chase says, with the main actor and studio time all booked and ready to go. “They didn’t know exactly what the new videos would say, but they were ready to move when the time came.”

And now, as your prize for reading this far, the answer to that riddle we posed up top: The Zen Buddhist said, “Make me one with everything.”


5 Tips For Adding Video To Your Email Marketing Strategy


In today's competitive online world, businesses who use email marketing are discovering that it's becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the thousands of other websites who are all competing for the same customer dollars.  Consumers are inundated with emails (both legitimate and spam) that constantly try to grab them by the throat and scream "buy me!" or "click here!" or "visit my website!".  

It is because of this competition that companies who use email marketing, and are striving to be innovative and unique, might consider one of the newest trends in the industry: video marketing. 

Done correctly, using video marketing in your email newletters can not only put your company in the foreground of the customer's mind--it can establish the Holy Grail that every marketer strives for: the customer who actually opens your emails.

Here's the important thing about email's fairly simple to add people to your email list, however, to get people to actually OPEN your emails is another thing altogether.  Marketers spend huge amounts of time and money split testing their subject lines, frequency, copy and other elements, just to raise the click-through rate a few percentage points.  So the intelligent marketer who incorporates smart video marketing into their email campaign has the potential of rapidly leaping ahead of the competition.  In fact, some marketers have reported up to a 50% increase in click-through rates after they've incorporated an email/video marketing approach.

Using video in your email campaign holds a very strong attraction for consumers.  The Online Publishers Association reported that 69% of online users have watched a video and 24% watch one at least once a week.  So when savvy online marketers integrate video marketing into their email, it can significantly raise the opening, response and click through rates.

And really, this makes sense.  By integrating video marketing into your email programs, you can bring another layer of personalization that plain words on a computer can't reach.  And let's admit, people buy from companies that they feel a loyalty toward.  Integrating videos into your email campaign can create that warm "fuzzy" feeling.

So just how would you go about creating a video marketing campaign?  Here are some ideas that can help you get on track using video in your email.

  • Make it entertaining.  People use the Internet for a variety of reasons; however, one thing is universal.  The more entertained they are, the higher the response rate.  This doesn't mean that your videos have to be hilariously funny, but they should keep the viewer's attention.  So a well produced video, with good sound and production value is important. 
  • Make it informative.  Never forget that you're a business and those viewers are your customers (or potential customers.)  Therefore, don't be afraid to sell your idea, service or product.  There's a balance that you'll need to create between hard sell and no sell.  If it's appropriate, don't be afraid to use visual aids. PowerPoint presentations work very well as do product demonstrations and testimonials.
  • Keep it short.  The attention span of an online viewer is short -- probably much shorter than you'd assume.  Average videos are about 4 minutes, however studies have shown that most viewers leave before the video ends. And this makes sense, based on television commercials -- which normally are between 15 seconds and 60 seconds, but generally no more than 30 seconds.  So when you're creating your video marketing emails, keep your video short -- probably no more than 2 minutes 30 seconds and easily much shorter.
  • Immediate call to action.  Tell your customers (early and often) what you want them to do.  "Click here for more information"  or "Visit our website now by clicking the "go there" button" now" will get your viewer moving toward your website.  And don't wait until the end of the video to create that call to action either because, as mentioned earlier, many viewers don't watch a video to the end.
  • Offer an incentive.  You want your viewer to take immediate action and click through to your website, so make it worth their while.  Free shipping, a 15% discount,  Two for the price of one and other kinds of bonuses work well. Scroll your offer across the bottom of the video while creating that call to action. 

By integrating video marketing into your sales campaigns, following the above simple steps and testing...testing...testing, you'll soon see that your click-through rates will rise and traffic to your sites will surge.

3 Ways To Share Your Awesome Video Marketing Content


So you've created this amazing product, and you have created some video marketing content to advertise it.  Now that you've accomplished this, how do you release your awesome video content to the public?  There are several ways to advertise and make the public aware of what it is you're trying to sell.

1.  One of the easiest ways to begin marketing yourself or your product is via email.  Everyone has an email address, and if people find something helpful or humorous, they will forward that email to each of their friends and so on.

All you have to do is write the email, and attach your video marketing content to the email.  When your friends, family, and colleagues read your email and watch your content, if it is a product they might be interested in they will forward it to their friends, family, and colleagues.  It will allow your video to reach a broad audience in a relatively short period of time.  If you are not sure how to attach a video file to an email, you can visit this link here: and they will tell you step by step how to do it.

2. A second outlet for marketing your video would be a shared video site such as YouTube.  These sites allow for just anyone to post their videos either for humorous, informational, or marketing content.  Such a site would allow anyone to view your video marketing content in its entirety and then share that content via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  If you go to this link: it will show you step by step how to upload your video to YouTube.  Other shared video sites also offer their own tutorials.

3. Your third means of sharing your awesome marketing content is going to be through your own presentations.  As you meet with potential customers and clients, engage them with the video.

Download your video marketing content onto your laptop computer.  When you meet with potential clients you should show them your marketing video rather than simply explaining to them what you do.  And as far as keeping a copy of the video on your computer, anyone that produces your video for you will have the capability to make you a DVD of your video.  All you have to do is insert the DVD into your CD/DVD drive and click the play button.

We live in a visual society and your video content is much more likely to keep their attention for a longer period of time than if they are simply listening to you explain what it is that you and your company have to offer.

Creating the video marketing tools and putting the content out there is simple to accomplish.  You are the crafter and designer of every facet of the video.  You want everything to be perfect because this video is a representation of you and your company.

You are proud of all the hard work you have put into this project. Now what you must do is make the commitment to putting that video out there so that you can reap the benefits of your awesome advertising content.
Publishing your video marketing content is easier than it has ever been before.  With the conveniences of the internet and the simplicity of email there is no reason that your marketing content will not reach an audience far larger than you hoped for.  You just have to strive to put it out there for viewers to watch.  These three venues will allow your video to receive both the airtime your want and the viewers that your quality video deserves.

Go Viral! 5 Steps To Video Marketing That Creates Buzz


Ready to generate viral buzz? Web videos are on fire! How hot? According to YouTube’s recent fact sheet, 2 billion videos are being watched daily. While many of these videos are generating millions of hits, most were not strategically created to generate a specific marketing outcome for an underlying business. What if you could harness the power of viral videos to drive traffic, and better yet, revenues for your business?

With strategic thought and planning, you can create a video that will generate buzz. And buzz is what’s needed to go viral. Follow these 5 steps to create a video marketing campaign with major buzz.

1.  Choose Which Viral Video Type to Launch

While there are numerous types of videos you could create, there are four common types that end up viral, including:

  • The Accident- Shot by non-professionals and uploaded without the notion of going viral. Since you cannot control the outcome, this doesn’t fall under the ideal viral video strategy.
  • The Imitation- This video type involves recreating a successful accidental video. We all know that imitation is one of the best forms of flattery. Businesses have been imitating or copying others within their industries for decades. While never as popular as the original inspiration, this type of video has tremendous viral potential.
  • The “WTF”- When viewers aren’t sure what they just watched, viral videos are created. Sometimes imagery is all that’s needed to captivate an audience.
  • Obvious Advertising- Highlighting products and services in an entertaining way is popular with web video viewers.

2.  Create Targeted Content

Videos have the power to act as social currency. They start conversations. Viewers pass them on to their friends, family and contacts. In order to achieve this outcome, your video’s content must target your audience. Choose 1-2 triggers that pack a punch. A trigger hits your audience’s sweet spot. What will they find meaningful, relevant or entertaining?

Keep in mind; a viral video must elicit a reaction from your viewers. Common triggers include content that is random, surprising, sexy, comical, shocking and even spectacular. Once you have identified key focus triggers, you can begin to design a video with a huge payoff.

3.  Be Portable

Allow downloads, commentary, embedded links and URL shorteners which as to create Twitter friendly posts and easy to forward videos. Placing controls on your content works directly against the premise of viral video marketing. Your goal should be to create a marketing piece that goes beyond yourself, the creator.

4.  Inspire Action- Ask for What you Want

To go viral, your viewers must forward the content. If you want viewers to pass your content forward, why not ask them to do so? Why this seems like common sense to many, few business owners include a call to action within their video’s message, tag lines or commentary.

Consider including one of the following phrases as your call to action:

  • "Follow this person..."
  • "Check out...."
  • "Please vote..."

If you are more comfortable with a less direct approach, make sure that your content motivates viewers to forward the content. Just remember to avoid a completely advertorial message. Viewers are okay with promoting brand names, as long as the content meets one of the targeted content criteria.

5.  Delivery and Tracking- Execution is Key!

Even amazing videos can become buried when launched onto YouTube. For a bang, build a multi-faceted approach for viral dissemination. YouTube’s Auto Tweeting functionality, TubeMogul, Hey Spread and Twitvid are great delivery starting points. In addition, post your clips to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, StumbleUpon and your company’s blog. Send your video content to top bloggers to cast a wider audience net. For a targeted video launch, leverage paid services such as Facebook social ads, Unruly Media or StumbleUpon.

Without follow up, how will you grade your campaign’s success? To track the response that your video marketing campaign is generating, leverage Google Alerts, Technorati, Pubsub, IceRocket and Twitter’s search function.

Follow these 5 easy steps to creating a viral video that generates a loud buzz for your business!

A Great Video Marketing Plan Helps You Sell Smarter


So you have this great product that you want to sell.  You have been working hard to make it, and now you want to make a living selling it to other people.

Having a great product is the first step to a successful business, but product alone won't get it done.  What you need to put your business over the top is a great video marketing plan.  

When you look at the sites that people check every day the two that top all others are FaceBook and YouTube.  A great video marketing plan can appear as a Youtube video and can then be linked to people's Facebook page.  If you have a fun video pushing your product that everyone wants to see, you can "go viral" very quickly in this environment.

So what actually goes into creating your plan?  Well, first you have to define the product that you are trying to sell.  Once you have that, the next step is determining how you are going to successfully market that product to the world.  Are we going to go with a fun video?  Will we make it a serious video?  Are we appealing to our public's emotions?  Are we appealing to their desire for quality?  These are all questions that someone writing a great video marketing plan will have to ask themselves.

Let's imagine that you are trying to sell toothpicks.  How many people are going to pay attention to what brand of toothpick they buy?  Your job as a video marketer is to sit down and develop a plan to tell the public why your brand of toothpick is better than anyone else's.  People don't usually comparison shop on such a common and cheap product.  You sit down and begin to develop a great video marketing plan to sell your toothpicks.

Perhaps you design a campaign in which a group of ninjas attack a formal dinner.  You see the wife making the appetizers and she is going to bring out a tray of melon chunks without toothpicks.  Next thing you know a group of ninjas attack the kitchen and stick your toothpicks into the melon, thus saving the day.  Depending on how it is done, it is a commercial that can make people laugh and the next time they need a box of toothpicks they are going to remember those ninjas.  

One of the most effective commercials in 2011 was the Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler.  In the commercial the viewer sees the new luxury Chrysler 200 driving down the streets of Detroit past some of its most important landmarks.  The people who wrote this marketing plan chose to appeal to the public's emotions.  The ad made reference to the city's economic free-fall.  After describing the brief negative situations that have made the city tough, they turned around and spun that hardship and hard work into a positive and created what has become Chrysler's new tagline: "Imported From Detroit."  

The goal of a great video marketing plan is to present your product in such a way as to make the public remember your name in a positive way.  Just as a great plan can make a sale, a random campaign without a clear plan will send your potential customers running in the opposite direction.

Whatever your product, whatever your goal, you need to have a great video marketing plan and you need to be able to sell it.  Video marketing can be expensive, it can take time, but in the end it helps you sell smarter, not harder.  And that makes it worth the effort. 

How Can I Incorporate Video Marketing Into My Blog?


Utilizing your blog to cultivate customers is a proven approach that has been successful for some time – and using blog marketing continues to grow.  As businesses become more blog-savvy, adding a video marketing blog is a logical step to taking your marketing to the next level.

Creating the video for your blog requires a few relatively simple steps:

1. Decide what you wish to promote or sell within the video

2. Keep the time of the video somewhat short – 2 minutes or less is a good benchmark to aim for

3. There are variety of video editing products available – or hire a professional firm to assemble and edit the video for you

4. ALWAYS incorporate a link to your product or service in order to drive sales

5. Rinse and repeat – you should plan to have a new video marketing blog post every 7 to 10 days at a minimum, but do not “overdo” either

Once the video is created, most blog sites have very simple tools available to post your video.  You can include a brief written summary of the video as well as additional links to drive more customer sales to your products or services.  To drive click-through traffic you can include reference ads as well.

Promoting the video is extremely important to attract those visitors - for some good tips on how to promote your blog check this link.

Keeping the information fresh is always a challenge.  You should consider a variety of sources for new ideas and approaches for your video blogs. For some tips on fresh ways to create a marketing video review this article .  Keep in mind that your primary purpose is to market your product or service, but take a different avenue periodically. 

One critical step is to MEASURE the effectiveness of your video marketing blog.  For each entry, monitor the hit rate, click through, sales results, unique viewer counts, and other statistics.  Keep track of the trends to determine your video “life cycle” (which can be different for every type of product or industry) and what approaches are effective.  Abandon the video templates that do not work, and use the effective video templates more often.

For example, your video blog may include some interviews and testimonials of customers who use your products.  Another set of videos may just have product demonstrations and technical details.  Which of these approaches give you the most return for your investment resources?  Is there another way to sell your product or service?  Always give the new ideas a try, then measure.

Finally, putting all of your ideas and implementations into a plan will help you stay organized and on target.  Check here for ideas on creating a video marketing plan .

Using video marketing in your blog is a new, fresh way to increase your web presence and sell your goods.  Give it a try and see what happens!

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