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5 Ways To Optimize Your Video Marketing Content Writing


No one wants to read a wall of boring, uninterrupted text. To quote from Alice in Wonderland, (who arguably as the shortest attention span and the largest imagination,) "How can one possibly pay attention to a book with no pictures?"

Fortunately for websites trying to sell products and services, the average online viewer watches 14.8 hours of video content per month. Studies also show that people are interested in video because of movement, color and human connection.

If you want to tap into this cheap and easy advertisement cache, though, your video marketing content writing has to hook your audience and convince them to visit your site.

  • Start off with a bang. While the average person is more likely to watch a video than read a blog, you can count on a significantly shorter attention span. With the printed word, a reader can scroll down until he find a section that catches his eye. WIth a video, though, you have between 10 and 30 seconds to grab your viewer's attention before they move on. Do it with a rhetorical question, a bold claim about your website, or with a randomly improbable song, explosion or cartoon. Make sure that all salient and exciting information about your website is in that initial time slot, or it may never get watched.

  • Pick your style. You have two choices when trying to hook your audience with video marketing content writing: 

    1.) Be direct. There's a gap in the market and you're there to fill it. Explain what product or service you're providing and the reason that everyone needs it. With this option you want to be as friendly and knowledgeable as possible. By using a video, you're establishing your voice and face to your service, and that's how it will be remembered. So be memorable.

    2.) Show something wild, funny, sexy or exciting that is somewhat related to your service or product. You can make a parody of a recent hit song and change the lyrics to reflect your website, or film it in the format of the latest and greatest in smart phone apps. You'll spend more money in production costs, but if you go viral then you'll get the attention of people who didn't even know they needed your services. Until now.

  • Tailor your content to viewership results. There are all kinds of online tools that pick up your viewership statistics and arrange them into neat little graphs. Your video marketing content writing should be updated and changed according to the feedback you get. Look at the demographic of people who watched your video. If it was primarily made up of teenage girls and you want to advertise to males ages 18 - 45, you may need to reevaluated your strategy. Also look at how much of the video was watched. If everyone is moving on after only five seconds or so, then change up your intro and make it more exciting.

  • Implement keywords. Video marketing content writing is all about research, so make sure your video tags are ones that are going to be searched for online by a large demographic. Try to think about the way people phrase inquiries in search engines and then use those and several variations in your tags. Make sure you cover the most ubiquitous questions and keywords in your video. If your website caters mostly to a local area, use the name of surrounding cities as tags; you'll be more likely to be one of the top hits when people search for services in your area.

  • Shamelessly plug your website. Whether you're directly addressing an inquiry or making an entertaining clip about your services, your audience needs to know who you are. Hopefully, your video is being sent out through multiple video servers instead of just being posted on your website. Have your website URL linked in the keywords and pasted at the bottom of the screen. Mention it during the video and urge people to visit it for more information. This will get you higher traffic and hopefully arouse people's curiosity about your products.

It doesn't matter what product or service you're selling, or even how entertaining you are if you don't have the correct video marketing content writing. Remember that you want as many people as possible to stumble onto your video, become excited or intrigued and find their way to your website. Anything else, even viral fame and appearances on the local news, won't get you the traffic and customers that you need.


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