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"By utilizing blogs to generate income, businesses are able to harness the power of engagement to sell products and services at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods."

"For the cost of writing and updating material on a regular basis, businesses can spread their message to millions of potential customers."

"As a result of its many benefits, business blog marketing is replacing some of the more expensive and unwieldy traditional marketing tools."

"A recent study by GuideWireGroup revealed that approximately 89 percent of businesses polled use blogs as a way to communicate with their customers."

"Readers come to blogs for authoritative information, and well-written, optimized content allows them to find what they are looking for."

"Business blogs allow a company to take full advantage of all online marketing methods in order to gain exposure and generate income."

"Outsourcing your business blog marketing campaign to a professional service is one of the best ways to gain all the advantages that blogs can bring to you and your company." 

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Engage, Inform, Sell- The Art of Business Blog Marketing


Topics covered in this white paper:

SEO Article Writing- How to Use the Power of Content to Attract Customers


Topics covered in this white paper:

Article Marketing - Does it Really Work? For Real?


Topics covered in this White Paper:

  1. Articles as an Alternative Marketing Method
  2. How Article Marketing Works
  3. Articles and SEO
  4. Elements of Effective Articles
  5. Using Article Marketing Providers
  6. Distributing Your Articles
  7. Conclusion
  8. Interact Media Solutions

Article marketing involves developing and distributing high-quality, search engine optimized content that provides readers with valuable information they can use to make purchasing decisions and solve problems.  When utilized as part of a long-term content marketing strategy, it can drive traffic, increase conversion rates and establish businesses as authorities in their fields.

Writing SEO Content for Increased Search Engine Visibility



Topics covered in this white paper:

1.   Traditional Marketing
2.   Online Marketing Solutions
3.   Evolution of SEO Content Marketing
4.   Main Ranking Factors
5.   Link Building
6.   Targeting Your Market
7.   Building Authority
8.   Increasing Conversion Rates
9.   Conclusion 
10.  Interact Media Solutions    


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