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Get the Most Out of your Social Media Efforts


I saw something interesting the other day.  Someone had taken the time to organize all major social media sites by their strengths and weaknesses as marketing tools.  The result was a chart, courtesy of CMO.com, that will help people get more out of their social media marketing campaigns.  It’s pretty cool.


Companies are starting to spend a lot more time on their social media presence these days.  According to a survey conducted by the University Of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business, social media usage by small businesses has doubled in the past year.  And what are these companies doing with social media?  The largest percentage of activity comes in the form of creating company pages on FaceBook or LinkedIn.  Companies are also posting updates and linking to their sites.


The question is, are they using their time wisely?  How do these companies know that their social media efforts are matching up with their marketing goals?  Now that enough time has gone by, and enough research has been done on how these sites work, it’s becoming clear that some sites do some things better than others.    


If you’re looking primarily for brand exposure, for instance, you may want to rethink how much time you’re spending on Reddit or del.icio.us.  On the other hand, Digg could be well worth your time if you want to drive traffic to your site.


So, if you’re curious about how well your time with social media is spent, check it out!  It may just help you use your social media marketing time, money and other precious resources more intelligently.


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