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Top 10 Social Media Articles Of The Week


When it comes to social media marketing, help is a very good thing.  If you're looking for a little guidance this week, or just want to get some marketing ideas, here's a list of relevant articles that may just get you on the right track.

What's going on the world of social media?  Check out these top 10 social media articles and see:

1. Viral Marketing: How Online Reputation Spreads

Christopher Nolan has been a genius at getting the word out about his movies. First with The Dark Knight and then with Inception he has set a new standard for viral marketing. The beauty of what is talked about in this article is something that can be emulated by any business regardless of its size.

2. How Social Media is an Extension of Your PR and Marketing Teams

Good social media marketing involves a comprehensive approach using all the channels available. Learn more about how Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter can all work together as a seamless marketing tool.

3. How Social Media Will Change Your Job Search For The Better

Linkedin is becoming the power resume tool of choice for job seekers who are social media savvy. Both employers and job seekers can revolutionize the way they think about employment with what is discussed here.

4. Goodbye Gatekeepers: Use Social Media To Target Hiring Managers

A simple article about a powerful tool for getting around the gatekeepers of employment. Twitter has become an excellent way to follow managers and decision makers in a company enabling job seekers a way to get their pulse.

5. 17 Ways to Grow Your Blog From Top Bloggers

Social Media Examiner always has excellent social media articles and this may be one of the best ever. This is a one stop shop for tuning up your blog to make it work for you the way you always wanted.

6. Google Reconsiders Keyword Domains

It may be Google is beginning to rethink giving so much weight to domain names in it search criteria. Part of the reason has to do with speculators that have bought up large blocks of domain names.  This may have impact on how companies operate when considering future domain names.

7. Top 4 Reasons to Abandon SEO

The title of this article is a bit misleading but there is some real food for thought for certain businesses. Very specialized businesses may find tools like Google Adwords a better use of their time and money. Also, small companies with good working website in place may decide to forego restructuring for SEO and go for pay-per-click instead.

8. How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Visual Branding

As of March 10, 2011 the new Facebook page layout has been applied to all fan pages. The end result for business landing pages on Facebook is a lot more room to advertise who they are in an impressive way. This article contains some important tips for making the most of the changes.

9. Tracking On-site Tweets and Follows with Google Analytics

If you are planning on tracking activity through Tweets Google Analytics there are some things you need to be aware of. It takes some manual work but can be accomplished and this article tells you how.

10. Social Media Link Building

There’s a lot of confusing information out there about the role social media plays in page ranking with Google. Here’s a detailed but readable article that explains the ins and outs of increasing your search presence through Twitter and other forms of social media.

Hopefully these social media articles will become your platform on which to launch your own ideas for using social media in the days to come.


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