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7 Easy And Effective Social Media Tips


Social media is exploding. As more and more people connect with each other this way, businesses are figuring out ways to catch their attention with effective content marketing. What used to be as simple as tossing up a website to maintain an Internet presence as a placeholder has now shifted into a multi-faceted presence campaign. A few basic social media tips can ensure your presence on the Web doesn't go unnoticed.

Know your platform
The most essential of these social media tips is to understand the platform you’ll be using. For example, blogs are a popular tool for spreading the company message. But, blog readers expect regular updates according to a steady posting schedule, and not all companies are on board with whipping up a 350-600 post from scratch every day.

In comparison, Tweets posted on Twitter are limited to 140 characters. This can be a quick option for businesses disseminating interesting articles, research, or promotions, minus the lengthy commentary. However, many Twitter followers expect multiple updates throughout the day, as opposed to a once-daily blog entry.

Whichever platform (or platforms) you choose, be sure they’re tenable to maintain. If you spread yourself too thin, or bite off a greater commitment than you can comfortably chew, you could find yourself struggling to keep up. Burnout is not conducive to fresh content.

Know your platform etiquette, too
Twitter and Google Plus both encourage interaction with complete strangers, and many comments go unanswered. Facebook has a greater feeling of exclusivity, and not answering a direct post is considered rude. Posting multiple times throughout the day is expected on Twitter; on Facebook it’s spammy and irritating. Play around a little (with dummy accounts first, of course!) to get a feel for the mood of the different sites.

Plus, there are plenty of articles listing social media tips to help you learn the basics.As
Ashley Zeckman points out, the key to successful content marketing is the interaction aspect itself, so it’s important to get it right.

Five-minute plan
A lot of companies are hesitant about social media marketing, because they fear the time commitment factor. It’s very possible launch effective content marketing by dedicating just a few minutes out of every day. It just takes moments to drop a quick “Thanks!” to a Facebook wall post. And don’t worry that short equals sloppy. The Content Marketing Institute suggests that cutting content shorter is actually more effective. Readers lose attention when sentences are longer than 14 words.

Set a plan, and stick to it
Once you’ve decided on your method, commit to a solid plan of attack. If blogging, choose a posting schedule and follow through. If Tweeting, set a number goal for Tweets in a day; on Facbook commit to just one shared article Mondays and Wednesdays. Whichever you choose, makes sure it’s a viable strategy for you to maintain. Attention spans of Internet users are shortening daily, and one missed blog posting on your part could cost a significant chunk of your readership.

Keep branding consistent
In keeping with the preceding social media tips, a large part of developing effective content marketing is to maintain consistency across all platforms. For example, if the content you share tends toward the more light-hearted, readers may be turned off by a stuffier article. Unlike the single-sales approach of traditional methods, content marketing builds an ongoing relationship. Copyblogger dubs this a content net: entangling your customers in a web of relevant information rather than harpooning them with one flashy slogan.

Minimize Promotion
Okay, this one might sound counter-intuitive, but hear it out. Social media marketing takes advantage of a well-established train. But that train is not actually a marketing train; it’s a socializing train. Keep the repetitive self-promotion to a minimum; focus on providing interesting content instead. QuestionPro Blog suggests an 80/20 ratio: 80 percent active interaction versus 20 percent straight promotion.

Fresh Content
Fresh content is the holy grail of content marketing. Maintaining an engaging social media presence requires constant delivery of ever-changing information, in a multitude of formats. Don’t let this seemingly high order intimidate you, though. A scattering of quick, funny comments throughout the day can be just as fun to read as one longer article. High-quality content is the equivalent of rewarding each reader with a cookie, says Copyblogger. Keep  giving them cookies, and they keep coming back for more.


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