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Marketing With Facebook: 7 Tips For Success


Simply having a Facebook Page for your business does not constitute “marketing” on Facebook.  Like any other tool, you have to use it to create something – in this case, brand awareness and sales.   

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking for social media marketing tips to beef up your Facebook-based results, these seven pointers will get you headed toward success: 

1. Customize your Pages.

Businesses are allowed to create several Facebook Fan Pages, which can generate excellent SEO, as long as you make the most of them.  Fortunately, they’re wonderfully customizable.   

Create a Welcome page as your Default Landing Tab for new visitors, with a tempting,  obvious call to action (“click here to get a free fan T-shirt”).  Use a Reveal tab that rewards Liking you with something free, exclusive access to new information, etc.  Use dedicated Landing tab(s) to provide special insider information, fan-only deals or new product “sneak previews.” 

Customize who can see your posts, using Facebook Groups to create public, invitation-only, even hidden fan segments.  

If you have a storefront, use Places to boost visibility.  Mobile users are increasingly  “checking in” to share their location with friends.  If they’re at your place and say so, they’re sharing your brand and your link.   

Extend your reach with contests fans can share with friends, but make Liking you a condition of participation.  You’ll need a third-party app to accept entries and need to abide by Facebook’s “rules of engagement” for contests and promotions. 

2. Use lots of visuals.

Post lots of photos, and integrate YouTube, Twitter and SlideShare to expand shareable content.  Visuals let people see your company and products in action -- how they’re being used and by whom.  Photo or video contests to capture fan-generated content.   

3. Stay on point (the topic is your brand).  

Daniel Sundin suggests these on-topic social media marketing tips:

  • writing about how a current event ties into your brand or industry.
  • finding and sharing a funny YouTube video that relates to your brand or industry.
  • asking fans to post questions, photos or stories about your brand to your wall and then reposting your favorite back out as an update. 

Stick to news that’s likely to spark two-way conversation among fans and with you.  But  don’t over-post.  Too much contact is just as annoying on Facebook as in any other context.  

4. Make fans your “think tank.”

Posing questions and conducting polls provide valuable feedback about your products and posts.  Ask questions that are easy to answer, encouraging fans to talk about themselves with topics like what they want on your page or what they think of your latest new product idea. 

5. Respond.

This may seem obvious, but studies show businesses are not yet getting the message.  Monitor your Fan Page frequently and respond quickly to both positive or negative posts.  

 Say “thanks” for a Like or positive comment.  And Like fan posts back, if they’re nice or amusing.  Respond one-on-one to anything negative, to resolve potential problems quickly and ensure your fans continue to like you.   

6. Track and analyze your results.

All the latest social media marketing tips in the world won’t help if you aren’t well-organized and on target.  Your Facebook Fan Page should integrate with and support your overall marketing strategy and timetable.  So know your goals and create a posting calendar. 

Use Facebook Insights to help identify and track key performance indicators such as number of unique users, fans, clicks or other activity, conversions, etc.  Analyzing the data will help measure your progress so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.  Concentrate on the most productive activities.   

7. Follow the pros.

You’ll always find innovative social media marketing tips by reading what the industry’s top pros are doing and recommending.  HubSpot’s Pamela Vaughan writes about 30 specific Facebook marketing techniques you can implement right now.  And if you’re saying to yourself, “Yeah, but we’re a B2B company…,” check out these great examples and social media marketing tips just for you.   

Of course you want to avoid key mistakes, too.   

Keep your Fan Page to communicate with your customers and prospects, connecting the online and offline aspects of your business.  Focus on your brand and products, posting fresh content that’s irresistibly shareable.  Life’s tough enough these days, so make ‘em smile, and they’ll keep coming back for more.  


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