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4 Tips For Effective Mobile Social Media Content



Sybase, an SAP mobile intelligence company, recently reported that over 70% of the world's population now has a mobile phone. In the United States, 9 out of 10 people have mobile phones! Consumers are using their mobile devices for everything from locating businesses on the go to getting recommendations about where to eat lunch, and social media content is a growing factor in how people use their mobile devices.

Clearly, ignoring mobile devices is a grave mistake for marketers. But how do you go about using mobile social media content to get consumers to pay attention to you or your brand? You may already have social media content for your business, but how do you get mobile consumers to pay attention to it?

1. Keep Mobile in Mind. Many businesses still think of mobile marketing as shrinking down their website to the size of a mobile device, but that method doesn't work. Mobile devices are small, and people on the go don't have time to sort through an entire website to find what they're looking for.

The mobile web experience can be less-than-friendly, and it's going through growing pains, but businesses can become more mobile friendly by building apps that do just one or two things really well instead of trying to offer everything from one website. For example, American Airlines has developed a mobile app that lets travelers check in to their flights. That's all it does, but it's very useful for that one task. 

What can you offer to people on the go? Consider what you have to offer, and develop social media content specifically to fit that need.

2. Experiment with QR Codes. Short for Quick Response Codes, QR codes are those quirky black-and-white boxes showing up on ads, business cards, plant containers, you name it. Since QR codes haven't been around very long, creative minds are still thinking of new ways to use them before they're pigeon-holed to just one or two applications. Take advantage of this technological development time, and use QR codes to spread your social media content.

Mobile devices can scan QR codes to be taken directly to a mobile web page, which could give information about a product, show a video, link the user to a content-rich blog, or introduce customers to coupons or special offers. Place QR codes on business cards, advertisements, or even physical advertising displays to get connected with potential customers.

3. Provide Critical Content. Mobile users don't have time to sit down and read lengthy articles, so it's important to develop social media content that is not just user friendly, not just engaging, but critical to the people you want to reach. Where do you expect to be reaching your consumers? If you expect to reach them in a grocery store, don't offer them videos to watch because they won't have the time or attention span for watching them.
Instead, offer them dinner menu ideas, complete with links to recipes so they know what to buy while they're still in the store. If you prove to your consumers that you're helpful to their critical needs, they'll turn to you again and again, and that leads us to our final tip:

4. Start a Relationship. Once consumers know they can count on you to give them just enough (but not too much) information, that you give them what they need where they need it, you can start a relationship. Social media content is all about relationships, which is why it's so helpful for marketing purposes. Back when marketers just put an ad in newspapers or magazines, there wasn't much feedback except with customers who actually showed up in the store.

Today, businesses can have two-way relationships with customers through a variety of different social media venues. As long as you're not a nagging, fill-out-this-form kind of business, your mobile site can be an introduction to your brand, and give you further opportunities to connect more substantially.

Entice consumers to your company's full website, blog, or Facebook page, where they can participate in surveys, conversations, and more. End blog posts with questions, to elicit meaningful conversations with consumers.

The sooner you develop effective means to communicate with mobile users, the sooner you'll start channeling the powerful marketing tools available to you through social media content. You'll be better able to meet consumer's needs and develop relationships with them that will endear your brand to them--and to their friends who see that they "like" you.


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