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Social Media Strategy For Your Local Market



When it comes to building your local target market through social media strategy, it's best to explore your many options. When it comes to social media, the following four networks are great for creating an online presence for your brand within your local market:

  1. Facebook Fan Pages – FB fan pages are a great way to profile your brand online. They are crawled by search engines, which means SEO optimization helps to put them at the top of search engine results. By using local keywords, such as your company's city, you can target your marketing to local markets.

  2. Twitter – Twitter allows users to find and follow businesses based on keyword searches. Therefore, by referencing your local market in your profile, as well as your tweets, you raise the chances of being followed by local tweeters.

  3. LinkedIn – This is the social network that was created specifically for businesses. Network members can find you based on your industry. Your business can also be targeted based on location searches, raising your brand awareness within your local market.

  4. YouTube – Many online users have heard of YouTube. But, it's amazing how many businesses don't know the benefits of using YouTube social media strategy for marketing purposes. Not only does it provide a cost efficient way to showcase a commercial online, it's great for targeting a specific group. By using SEO keywords within your tags, you can ensure that your local market is targeted to view your marketing videos.

Local Targeting Social Media Networks

Some social media networks specialize in promoting your business to local markets. Many are free to set up your business profile. They provide great tools for monitoring and tracking your traffic statistics. Here are four of these local social media strategy networks:

  1. YELP – This is an online guide that helps users find interesting places within a specific city. Places to eat, exercise, dance, shop, even play can be found based on city-wide searches. Yelp also provides reviews and feedback on local companies.

  2. Insider Pages – This provides the same social media strategy highlights as YELP does, profiling companies that can be searched for within local city markets.

  3. CitySearch – This platform is like YELP and Insider Pages in some ways. CitySearch provides business information by categories. These categories are set-up to profile businesses within a local city area, as well.

  4. MerchantCircle – This is an business directory service that acts almost in the same manner as traditional yellow pages websites. The difference is that MerchantCircle combines their directory with business social networking sites to help market your business online. This social media marketing can be targeted towards a local market for your social media strategy.

Integrating Your Content Blog with Your Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy should aim to integrate with your content blog to gain more exposure. The more exposure your site gets through online searches, the more traffic is driven to your site. This integration process is vital to your site's success. When your social media strategy is aimed at targeting local markets, you help to create a presence for your brand that helps to also bring foot-traffic to your business. Here are a few tips for this local social media strategy:

  • Online Reviews – Allow and encourage your online visitors to write reviews and testimonials about your products, services and business. Press releases and other news, highlighted on your social media networks can help to spread the word.

  • Landing Page – Create a landing page for your website that targets your local audience with local information, including your store-front hours of operation, services provided within your area and other local area information related to your niche.

  • Local Deals – Provide digital coupons that can be used locally in your store or on your website. Be sure to provide these deals online using your social media network, with your local market as SEO keywords.

  • Email Newsletters – These provide a great interactive way to keep your local market informed on specials and deals you are promoting locally. This is usually for services and products that are popular in your local region, within your niche.

Use Social Media for Local Advertising

Social media strategy is a global marketing tool. But, it is also great for marketing your business to your local target market, as well. It's an innovative way of putting your online marketing on auto-pilot. Your social media strategy will be working to target your local market even when you aren't.


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