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4 Ways To Optimize Your Social Media Marketing


There's no denying the marketing potential of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook alone has more than 845 million active users. Where else can your product or service reach so many potential customers?

However, there are also thousands and thousands of other companies vying for social media users' attention. How do you make your company stand out in such a crowd? Here are four ideas for social media optimization:

1. Read, listen and respond. Social media sites are interactive. An important step in social media optimization is to listen and respond to visitor comments--even the negative ones. This shows readers that there is a personality behind the company logo, one that is interested in customer feedback.

2. Be unique. Social media users, especially those on Facebook and Twitter, are bombarded with ads and information on a myriad of companies. Make your product and marketing message something that will stand out and catch a user's attention with just a glance. In general, that's all of the time you'll get to attract a potential customer's attention.

3. Complete your profile. Whether it's your profile information on LinkedIn or your info page on Facebook, letting readers learn a little more about you and/or your company is what social media is all about. After all, you have access to information about your Facebook "friends" and LinkedIn contacts. According to Ashley Zeckman, Marketing Manager for Top Rank, taking the time to do this is a great way to ramp up your social media marketing effort.

4. Update regularly. Just as you wouldn't leave a store window display on view for months and months on end, don't just slap up some information on your Facebook page or make a couple of tweets on Twitter and then leave the sites alone. According to Rohit Bhargava on Internet Marketing Blog, regular updates increase your likability and encourage "friends" to visit regularly.

Social media marketing is likely to become more and more essential to any company's sales effort as sites like Facebook expand and new sites are developed. The above four tips are good ways to optimize your social media efforts today, but any good marketing plan needs to be flexible and fluid enough to make the most of the ever-changing social media landscape.


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