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Get to the Point Already: Concise Writing with a Purpose

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Word counts: They are the bane of my existence. It isn’t because I have a hard time reaching them, either. It’s quite the opposite—I usually have much more to say than I can fit into the words allowed. Oh, sure they’re handy when you have to create a compelling piece about something like the anatomy of a tropical fish. In general, though, I find that I almost always have to cut down my writing to fit within a given range.

Delivering Quality Content When You Have Writer's Block-Part 2

quality content

I’d like to continue our discussion today on how you can produce quality content despite any case of writer’s block. If you haven’t read Part 1 of this post, I highly recommend you doing so now so that we’re all up to speed. In the last post, we discussed ways to generate topic ideas when you feel like you’ve written everything you can about a subject. Today, we’re going to talk about getting through the actual writing process when your mind just seems to go blank.

Delivering Quality Content When You Have Writer's Block-Part 1

quality content

As a writer, I have had occasion to meet all sorts of different types of clients. While each, of course, is unique with their own set of goals and needs, I have discovered that you can divide clients into two basic categories. You’ll find those who have a very firm grasp of what they want and when they want it, and then those who depend on you to be a more involved partner of sorts in advancing the success of their venture.

5 Secrets To More Productive SEO Copywriting

seo copywriting

For content marketers and copywriters, it can be tough to stay focused while working simultaneously on projects for multiple clients. It’s not simply a matter of moving from one project to the next.

4 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marketing Copy

marketing copy

A content writer’s job isn’t easy. Sure, it can be fun and it’s easier for some than for others, but at the end of the day, it’s a mentally draining job that can leave you downright exhausted. Even so, I love it—including the challenges it brings.

Creating A Popular Blog: What Does It Take?

blog writing

Perez Hilton has one, so do the creators of the LOL Cats—a popular blog. For those who have ideas, antics, pictures, crafts, recipes, videos or anything that they want to share with the world, having a popular blog can be more coveted than a book deal. Gaining popularity in the blogosphere, however, take more than wit, luck, good SEO (search engine optimization) and even better content. It also takes a combination of the following ingredients:

Creative Content: When Marketing Meets Inspiration

marketing content

Most business writers find coming up with ideas for original content the most difficult part of regular publishing. And even if they have the ideas, haven’t they all been done to death before? That’s the sheer beauty of the art of communication – with the (albeit large) range of words and phrases we have to choose from, there’s always a new way of saying something. So where can copywriters find inspiration for the marketing content they need, and how can they make their advertising copy more creative?

6 Powerful Tips For Link Building With SEO Content

seo contentGreat SEO content always stands out, not just because it's great, but because other content writers often link to it. Think of it as one content writer giving a "shout-out" to another writer..

If you want be featured on other people's sites, you have to know how to make it attractive to other content developers. That's easier said than done, but not impossible. Maybe you've never thought about content in the context of link building but doing so will turn you into a well-read, oft-cited content creator.

Here are six things you can do (or continue doing) to get more "shout-outs" for your content.

1. Use keywords.

This is the one piece of advice every content marketer gives, but it's also the most important. Without keywords, your content won't make a peep, but with the right relevant keywords, it'll rank high, get found, and turn into a great link.

Start by choosing keywords that are relevant to your topic and frequently searched. Then place them in the best locations, including your headline, top paragraph, and links. Use keywords frequently, but make sure they sound organic, or you could be accused of keyword stuffing.

2. Write killer headlines.

According to Copyblogger, only two out of 10 blog readers actually read the blog; the other eight only read the headline. The only way your content will build links is if your headline is catchy, quick, and says it all.

The most effective headlines tell you exactly what to expect: "Lose Weight in Five Steps," "How to Spice Up Your Marriage." These titles are clear signs for your reader, but they're also the very phrases they're searching on, so incorporating them makes your content that much easier to find.

3. Write evergreen content.

Are you going to follow fashion tips from 2010? Of course not, so why would you want to link to old news? Many things change over time, but some advice never goes out of fashion, and that should be the focus of most of your content.

You can still write timely content, but it might be less attractive to other content writers, so focus on what will outlast the season, the scandal, or the year. For instance, don't focus on the latest financial crisis; talk about what your readers can do to manage their finances and weather any sort of crisis.

4. Borrow (but don't steal) great ideas.

Even the masters of content writing need to do a little research once in a while. Whether you're stuck for a new idea or need to learn more about the topic, feel free to borrow from other content - just be careful not to steal it.

If you're writing a gardening guide, scan the web for idea on formatting, language, and even specific tips. But do something different with it. Write it in your own voice, add a unique spin, or look at the content from another perspective. You'll avoid sounding like everyone else - and sidestep accusations of plagiarism.

5. Let your readers participate.

What's more fun, watching something or doing it? The latter, of course, so give your visitors something they can do and not read. Content that offers more than blocks of text is more interesting and therefore more likely to be visited.

Create calculators that allow readers to estimate insurance costs, calorie counts, or other useful data. Write surveys that gauge interest or involvement in key areas like social media or technology use. Or produce videos that address the topic at hand and, subsequently, get the attention of bloggers looking for cool links for their own content.

6. Do some link-building of your own.

Notice how this blog talks about link building while also providing links to other link-building blogs? That's exactly what you want fellow bloggers to do with your website, and adding links of your own is a great place to start.

In the course of your research, you'll come across content that's especially informative or compelling. Add them to your own content, linking them to key phrases in your content. It could be the name of a person or business, a trending keyword, or some other phrase that tends to generate a lot of searches, which could bring in more website traffic.
If you want people to link to your content, you have to make it more linkable. Optimize your writing to make it more attractive to search engines, your readers, and other content creators looking for outside links.

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SEO Copywriters: Are You Preaching To The Wrong Choir?

seo copywriting

Have you ever seen a commercial on TV or heard an ad over the radio and thought to yourself how ridiculous, stupid, or irrelevant that message was to you? It may be that the ad really was stupid—after all, some of them are—or it may just be that you are not part of the advertiser’s target market and that’s why the message didn’t resonate with you.

6 Tragic Website Copywriting Blunders That Kill Leads And Sales

website copywriter

Good website content is informational yet always geared toward making the sale. Even the most flawless design work is all dressed-up but going nowhere if the spokesperson -- your copy -- fails to captivate people and keep them interested. A good website copywriter knows that, deftly avoiding blunders that can cost clients leads and sales.

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