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5 Steps To Turning Your Zerys Articles Into a Winning Portfolio



If you've been writing for Zerys on a consistent basis for any length of time, then you'vezerys writer submitted dozens of articles on a variety of topics.  Thanks to the Zerys system, all of the articles you've written are archived within "Manage My Jobs" in the section titled "Approved By Client." 

Once you've written at least 100 articles, this collection of submissions can be developed into a winning portfolio that will enhance your credentials as a professional writer.  There are five steps to developing a winning portfolio:

1)  Identify all of your five-star articles.  You'll want to put your best foot forward and these articles represent your most outstanding work.  They will represent the core of your portfolio and capture the attention of potential clients.

2)  Group the articles by subject.  When you identify writing opportunities, these potential assignments will be within specific industries.  Group your articles on that basis.  For example, keep all of the business articles together, those that relate to search engine optimization (SEO) or web content, those focused on health/medical matters, travel related pieces, computer/technology articles, and so forth.  Be sure to date each article based on the approval date or published date.  Grouping the articles by subject, and creating separate folders on your computer for each subject, will make it easier to submit them to the potential client for review.

3) Group the articles in sub-categories based on those that are blog posts, where you are identified as the author, versus those that are ghostwritten.  Blog posts that have been published and identify you as the author demonstrate solid evidence of your writing abilities.  Include accompanying online links to those posts.  However, those articles which you have ghostwritten can also be used in your portfolio if you are able to locate them online.  Periodic Google searches of text strings within your articles will enable you to locate the published ghostwritten articles as well.

4) Create a Word file for each individual article in your portfolio indicating the title, your name as the author, submission date to Zerys and the online location where the article was published.  Use a readable font, such as Arial or Times Roman, within the Word file.

5)  Identify markets, potential clients or services where your writing skills can be used.  Submit your portfolio, follow up, and watch your writing career soar!

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