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A Content Writing Strategy Takes Your Blog To the Next Level


Bill Gates said it best: "Content is King".  But it can't be all-powerful without a well-planned strategy behind it.

Many blogs are so focused on building content that they forget to create a content writing strategy around it.  The result is a blog with no focus, no connection to current events, and no relationship with the brand it's trying to build.

But if you follow these tips, you'll create content that keeps your blog high on the must-read list.

Create a content schedule.

Chapters in books follow one another.  They might not be about the exact same thing, but they're part of a larger narrative.  Treat your blog the same way.

Creating a schedule of what you plan to write at what time will keep your blog on a consistent track.  It serves a number of uses:
  • It prevents procrastination:  If a blog goes ignored for too long, it looks neglected, gets outdated, and eventually goes unread
  • It reduces repetition:  By picking topics ahead of time, you avoid writing about the same thing twice in a row, which keeps your blog fresh and dynamic
  • It forces you to think ahead:  Instead of living from day to day, you look ahead to upcoming trends, industry events, or product launches, all of which make great blog topics
But you don't have to set your blog in stone.  Stick to your schedule, but leave enough room for things like breaking news or last-minute updates.   

Follow the news in and out of your field.

A content writing strategy requires looking forward, but it also requires looking outside your corner of the world.  

Even if you're great at following developments in your specific niche, you still need to keep an eye out for other news in your industry, your company, and the entire world.  It's one of the best ways to help you generate ideas for future entries.

It also presents a great branding opportunity.  Imagine being the person who knows how faraway, seemingly unrelated events might impact your area of interest.  That skill can bolster your reputation as an expert in your field, and expertise always draws more traffic. 
Follow the competition.

Whatever you're writing about, other people are writing about the same thing.  You need to follow those people, because chances are they're already following you.

Competitive intelligence is vital for nearly every business on the planet.  It keeps businesses from making the same products, offering the same services, and basically becoming copycats of one another.  

To build a strong content writing strategy, you need to know what other bloggers are writing about.  What's their take on events?  What tone of voice do they use?  Do they present the facts or deliver commentary?  Find out what fellow bloggers are doing and then differentiate yourself by doing something else.

Get your keywords straight.

Your followers might be loyal and true, but they can only click on so many times.  To bring people to your site, you have to fill your blogs with keywords and key phrases.

This can be done through every other step of your strategy.  When creating a schedule, use keywords in your topic ideas.  Look at news stories and match their content against the hottest keywords.  Follow your competitors' blogs and see which words they underline and which phrases they match to a hyperlink.

But remember, FILL your blog with keywords; don't STUFF it.  Keywords should come naturally from the text, especially in the title.  They also need to be specific enough to appear with strongly relevant pages in search results, thus increasing the chances of clicks.

Everyone is looking for good online content, so a content writing strategy that ensures you deliver GREAT content is the key to a strong web presence.


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